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2019 World Championships • Mixed Doubles • Kristin Tattar • Silver Latt • Cat Allen • Austin Hannum

2019 World Championships Mixed Doubles Round 2 • Full Round Featuring: Kristin Tattar & Silver Latt, Catrina Allen & Austin Hannum Commentary: Simon Lizotte and The Disc Golf Guy Camera & Edit: The Disc Golf Guy Location: Northwood Park, Morton IL Date: Saturday, August 10, 2019 Our teams consisting of one male and one female move into the second and final round on Saturday afternoon as they are hunting down a Pro Worlds Mixed Doubles Championship title. Catrina Allen and Austin Hannum shot -10 during the modified best shot in the first round and they were matched by the Estonian Team of Kristin Tattar and Silver Latt. Second round will also be at Northwood but it's an alternate format. Here the women will throw the tee shots from the even numbered holes while the men throw the tee shots on the odd numbered holes. Once the tee shot is thrown, they alternate the following shots with their partner until the hole is complete. You will never see a competitor throw twice in a row on the same hole is another way to remember it.