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Ladies & Gents Mixed Doubles

Ladies & Gents Mixed Doubles

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Pro/Am XC-Tier

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Event complete.54

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RPA · Gold (16)

Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
10.00Sarah & aaron cunningham Beats parenting533891
20.00Paige woodard & barry schultz Birdies & pars494493
30.00Ashley birrittier & jonathan patterson Gingersmash474895
40.00Heather zimmerman & nathan queen Nc rocs534497
50.00Yuliya pastovenska & joe wallace Team delta544599
60.00Marley riley & kevin dubois Destiny unbound5645101
60.00Olivia trimble & brett mierzejewski Blizzard wizards5546101
60.00Debbie scott & gary morris The ghost & mrs. scott5150101
90.00Katie wright & kermit applegate Tee timin'5549104
90.00Kelly tucker & dylan young Drop'n dueces5549104
110.00Simone johnson & andrew wiler Who and new5451105
120.00Michelle & benny ramseth Me & you5453107
130.00Kelley craven & ben stiles Team 3 putt5652108
140.00Christine & brandon barker Pinky and the brain5851109
140.00Patricia & tony sisco Siscos5653109
160.00Cassie & gary pour Mako it so5556111

RAH · Blue (19)

Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
10.00Sarah & asa bennett Wasabi smokehouse5951110
20.00Dakota & jay sauls Team saulsauges6151112
20.00Jennifer stahl & todd lion Hyzer soze5953112
40.00Cathy worthey & robert price Team griswolds6251113
40.00Diamond howell & ryan merp price Ballin & dancin5954113
40.00Irina & kevin boudreau Legal aliens5954113
70.00Kierston & jonathan schwalbe Throw n' hope6153114
70.00Amanda porter & chris mattox Aw yeah6054114
70.00Victoria & christian scott The great scotts5955114
100.00Erica driver & brent cole Hole in 106253115
100.00Kristin & shawn risher Chains of love6253115
100.00Katherine sandel & nick maynard Kat 'n the hat6154115
100.00Lindsey & tim blackwell Tee 2 tree6154115
100.00Britt & drew mckenzie Team brew6055115
100.00Victoria wioskowski & geoffrey griffiths Something clever5956115
160.00Kimberly & kevin mccuen The huckstables6156117
170.00Rachel glenn & don wall Gramps 'n cramps5959118
180.00Sherri roshitsh & bobby rogers Adulting is no fun!6257119
180.00Natisha hinz & jeremy rood Team marvel6059119

RAD · White (19)

Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
10.00Nadia & matthew coccaro The kid and i6350113
20.00Ashlin whitney reid baisch & jeff baisch Da baischs6350113
30.00Charlotte stalvey & danny marks Princess layup & jabba the putt6353116
40.00Ashley ellis & travis sauls T & a6552117
50.00Lillian & helder pais Glorioso slb6751118
50.00Cheryl peskir & nate rickenbach Car ramrod6553118
70.00Peggy & robert attaway Papa and pippi6654120
80.00Savannah yates & brandon rollins Huk and duck7052122
80.00Angie jones & don tennyson Atlas flickers6656122
100.00Shelby gaines & paul martinez Hard left turn6657123
110.00Cami cole & allen pinner Blondes have nice putts7055125
110.00Chelsea & brad fulton Baby on board6560125
130.00Kaylee ritenour & parks beson Discis with the mostest7058128
140.00Tori vella & ron cunningham Vella and the fella6861129
150.00Rebekkah nordan & neil crose The good team7060130
160.00Jessica & eric kohl Tree magnets7062132
170.00Alice & earl watts The wise ones7661137
170.00Sandy phoutthavong & jonathon beauharnois Anti-bogey army7463137
190.00Jessica erwin & alan clement The squirrel & the nut999999DNF