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City of Mobile Championships

City of Mobile Championships

Event Info

Pro/Am B-Tier

  • Date: 11-Mar to 12-Mar-2000
  • Location: Mobile, Alabama, United States
  • Tournament Director: Joe Sherrod
StatusTotal PlayersPro Purse
Event complete; waiting for report.128$2,145

Official Results

Open (27)

Ron Russell #9999
Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Alan Schack #3407
Sturgis, Michigan, United States
Mike Young #7808
Vestavia Hills, Alabama, United States
Bernie Sawyer #16634
Mobile, Alabama, United States
Rivers Sherrod #6206
Mobile, Alabama, United States
Wild Bill Tyler #11779
Mobile, Alabama, United States
Buddy Pacatte #5996
Mobile, Alabama, United States
Todd Branch #11795
Richland, Michigan, United States
Will Timmons #10542
Livingston, Alabama, United States
Jon Fox #10692
Mandeville, Louisiana, United States
Keith Wells #10381
Mobile, Alabama, United States
Dave Feldberg #12626
Eatonton, Georgia, United States
Jeffrey St. Romain #12843
Metairie, Louisiana, United States
Cameron Todd #12827
Darlington, South Carolina, United States
Eric Tracy #12642
Metairie, Louisiana, United States
Dickie Bockoras #12855
Wingate, North Carolina, United States
Pat Barnes #11189
Semmes, Alabama, United States
Scott Renz #15477
Winder, Georgia, United States
Jimmy Cutler #14727
Mobile, Alabama, United States
Jeff Davis #15765
St Louis, Missouri, United States
Jimmy Moak #15726
Monroe, Louisiana, United States
John Kittrell #13592
Jacksonville, Arkansas, United States
Randy Fortenberry #16348
Leeds, Alabama, United States
Jerry Mccomb #13107
Gallatin, Tennessee, United States
Jeff Pruett #11374
Roswell, Georgia, United States
1Ron Russell999910204246494623206$400
2Alan Schack340710054746514620210$250
3Mike Young78089814647544925221$150
4Bernie Sawyer166344849564327223$120
5Rivers Sherrod620697545515746199$100
6Wild Bill Tyler1177996549485153201$80
7Buddy Pacatte599698247525548202$65
8Todd Branch1179599350485748203$60
9Will Timmons1054290847485653204$50
10Jon Fox1069295351496047207$45
11Keith Wells1038195649535551208$40
12Dave Feldberg1262695247525852209$35
13Jeffrey St. Romain1284350486151210$30
14Cameron Todd1282797651506348212
14Eric Tracy1264299450496350212
14Dickie Bockoras1285592053535452212
17Pat Barnes1118996250535753213
18Scott Renz1547796651516253217
19Jimmy Cutler1472791850496456219
20Jeff Davis1576550566153220
21Tommy Norman56536252223
22Chris Graham54526257225
23Jimmy Moak1572649477160227
24John Kittrell1359296156526555228
25Randy Fortenberry1634856536359231
26Jerry Mccomb1310785756596257234
27Jeff Pruett1137497062536861244

Open Women (5)

Lesli Todd #13526
Los Angeles, California, United States
Susan Stephens #10977
Dorr, Michigan, United States
Kimberly Neuman #16186
Braselton, Georgia, United States
Dalphne Patrick #7581
Saraland, Alabama, United States
Robin Adams #16636
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
1Lesli Todd1352686459496759234$150
2Susan Stephens1097786955576859239$100
3Kimberly Neuman1618666587860262
4Dalphne Patrick758180059637566263
5Robin Adams1663671688564288

Masters (12)

Terry Rester #4170
Mobile, Alabama, United States
Cecil Mcguire #7470
Mobile, Alabama, United States
Joe Sherrod #5768
Mobile, Alabama, United States
Jim Orum #4733
Mobile, Alabama, United States
Wally Free #1430
Pensacola, Florida, United States
Joe Matz #15781
West Monroe, Louisiana, United States
Richard Wallen #14310
Houston, Texas, United States
Rock Searle #4379
Stapleton, Alabama, United States
Michael Wall #11063
Cross Plains, Tennessee, United States
Mike Preston #15547
Mobile, Alabama, United States
Robert Jones #14472
Spring Hill, Florida, United States
Don Stephens #12889
Byron Center, Michigan, United States
1Terry Rester417096152465255205$150
2Cecil Mcguire747096146545653209$100
3Joe Sherrod576893749505755211$75
4Jim Orum473356495454213$60
5Wally Free143091453516255221$50
6Joe Matz1578156516257226$35
7Richard Wallen1431061555854228
8Rock Searle437959615855233
9Michael Wall1106382954576464239
10Mike Preston1554757626359241
11Robert Jones1447277959616660246
12Don Stephens1288985262626658248

Advanced (27)

Tommy Armstrong #14959
Fairhope, Alabama, United States
Jeffrey Orum #4840
Mobile, Alabama, United States
John Taylor #16635
West Monroe, Louisiana, United States
Mike Kernan #14304
Luling, Louisiana, United States
Fred Hallaman #12862
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
Ronnie Adams #16637
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
Glen Fendley #5134
Alabama, United States
Max Herring #14161
Hoover, Alabama, United States
Pat Preston #15548
Plano, Texas, United States
Richard Kincaid #12742
Helena, Alabama, United States
Bill Capeless #16631
Mobile, Alabama, United States
Ricky Martin #9488
Chickasaw, Alabama, United States
Dallas Cuevas #16632
Pascagoula, Mississippi, United States
Lyle Weston #16633
Fairhope, Alabama, United States
Cliff Patrick #7748
Saraland, Alabama, United States
David Hirsch #12474
Monte Vista, Colorado, United States
Kelly Stringer #12283
Gulf Shores, Alabama, United States
Todd Traylor #12396
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
Tim Barker #16187
Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Chad s. Rickel #12716
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
1Tommy Armstrong1495990151495552207
2Jeffrey Orum484052526251217
2John Taylor1663553555752217
4Mike Kernan1430452546152219
5Fred Hallaman1286287856555753221
6Nat Mcgoggan53516553222
6Ronnie Adams1663754536055222
8Glen Fendley513461515655223
9Max Herring1416191955565954224
10Steve Minchew54556155225
11Pat Preston1554857595654226
11Manly Yielding55545958226
13Stacy Fee57546353227
13Greg Roston57546254227
13Richard Kincaid1274289756546255227
13Bill Capeless1663158555856227
13Ricky Martin948857585656227
18Dallas Cuevas1663255565958228
19Lyle Weston1663350586656230
19Rusty Dennis52546361230
19Cliff Patrick774854546161230
22David Hirsch1247486258556355231
23Kelly Stringer1228354566458232
24Todd Traylor1239685857576563242
25Tim Barker1618760586863249
25Chad s. Rickel1271659547264249
27Brian Hargraves70647468276

Advanced Women (8)

Patrice Searle #16350
Stapleton, Alabama, United States
Andrea Hallaman #15371
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Loretta Wallen #16351
Theodore, Alabama, United States
Lea Herndon #15633
Eight Mile, Alabama, United States
Kristy Bowden #17514
Saraland, Alabama, United States
1Patrice Searle1635050605562227
2Andrea Hallaman1537149656063237
3Becky Free55615767240
4Loretta Wallen1635155736164253
5Lea Herndon1563364654686370255
6Michelle Graham54676669256
6Sara Free52736170256
8Kristy Bowden1751467837077297

Advanced Masters (7)

Tim Stevens #11245
Blanchard, Oklahoma, United States
Robert O'Dell #19066
Pascagoula, Mississippi, United States
1Tim Stevens1124553585264227
2Stan Branton55585860231
3Kent Byrd57625367239
4Mike Keel57606064241
5Robert O'Dell1906656537761247
6Stickman 59596170249
7Steve O'dell60588464266

Intermediate (26)

Anthony Silvers #18346
Mobile, Alabama, United States
1Chad Garrett54555958226
2Chris Harding53555663227
3Aaron Overall52575564228
4Ken Bennett60545463231
4Brad Reeves49596063231
6Paul Grey61515864234
7Zeke Shodgrass51586166236
8Jerry Downing52615866237
9Mike Biggs52615768238
10Anthony Silvers1834658546664242
11Robin Collier62575965243
11Pete Wilkins57645666243
13John Roberts53616070244
14Shane Stringer59586465246
15Billy Wilson56626366247
16Jesse Doughty59576370249
17James King62586468252
18Mark Laborde58616371253
18Jason Wells59616667253
20Randall Laborde63636267255
21Shawn Jones58606672256
21Adam Silvers59596870256
23Anthony Elmorte63656569262
24Jeff Gray63696473269
25Keith Bayley67686473272
26Keith Robinson64678076287

Recreational (11)

1Lee Davidson51565662225
1Robert Carrey48585960225
3Mike Lilly53585461226
4Morgan Decelle52635659230
5Brian Burleson53655757232
6Calvin Vo54605663233
7Kevin Barnes54606662242
7Brian Tolson57665564242
9Curtis Edwards55705967251
10Byron Ramirez55676862252
11Aubrey Cross61826783293

Junior I Boys (5)

1Frankee Laborde54646160239
2James r. Cutler59636359244
3Brandy Cutler72687672288
4Jessica Wallen61847179295
5Nageeb Laborde66967786325