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Wow. Just wow. If you have paid any attention to our social media channels, you have probably heard what happened today. If not, please sit down as this is about to get exciting.

The story of the final round is a story of three men, battling for the victory. Granted, the 2014 European Champion Seppo Paju (FIN) shot a stellar round today, including a mind-boggling eagle 2 on the 288 meter (945ft) par 4 hole 9, to secure the 4th place in the tournament with -9 round today (-27 altogether).

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With just one day to go before the 2016 Konopiště Open tournament action kicks off, it’s time to take a look at the famed Franz Ferdinand course. The original course design at Konopiště was done by top Czech disc golf promoters Lukas Filandr and Premysl Novak for the inaugural edition of this tournament in 2013. For the first 2 years the layout remained untouched, other than changing the order of the holes for the 2014 event to move tournament central closer to Konopiště castle from near current hole 9.

Story:,  Photo: Stu Mullenberg, The Flight Record

Coming into the final round of the La Mirada Open, Paul McBeth #27523 held a five shot advantage on the field. That lead quickly shrunk and the story turned to the final nine holes of the tournament. If McBeth wanted to walk away with the win, he needed birdies to keep a handful of competitors at bay, and that is exactly what he got.

Story:,  Photo: Stu Mullenberg, The Flight Record

Somewhere in the unwritten rules of disc golf, it states a top level disc golf tournament isn’t official until mother nature decides to show up. For the leaders of the La Mirada Open, the first nine holes were played in dry conditions, but as time went on, you could tell things were going to change.

Story:,  Photo: Stu Mullenberg, The Flight Record

They say it is not how you start, but how you finish. For Paul McBeth #27523 and Simon Lizotte #8332, that phrase proved correct during the first round of the 2016 La Mirada Open

La Mirada Open Hole-by-hole Scoring

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Round 2 - Friday, March 11th, 2:00pm PST