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Terms and Process for Reinstatement of PDGA Tour Event Sanctioning

This document provides the terms and the process under which elected PDGA State and Province Coordinators and appointed Country Representatives can apply to return to PDGA sanctioned competition. In countries where it applies, the appointed Country Representative is responsible for ensuring the submitted application has the approval of their PDGA partner National Association. Submissions must be in English language. Any non-English submission should be accurately translated for proper vetting of information.

The application must include link(s) to the specific jurisdiction-level (state, province, country) government guidance (typically a published executive order) which allows organized competitive sporting events (not just personal recreation) to resume in the jurisdiction.

This application covers the entire geographic area for which the elected PDGA State Coordinator, Province Coordinator and appointed Country Representative is responsible. The PDGA will not accept applications from or grant approval to individual event directors. Applications requesting consideration of smaller areas within the described jurisdictions will be denied. If a particular area is managed by more than one PDGA Coordinator (e.g. California and Texas), the application should be submitted by both on behalf of the entire region.

In order to gain access to the application, elected PDGA State Coordinators and Province Coordinators and appointed Country Representatives will need to log into their existing account on the PDGA website.

Please note: Utilizing the guidance of the World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control and/or European Center for Disease Control, and local government policies, in concert with the information provided by the PDGA representative, the PDGA is solely responsible for determining when sanctioning will resume within certain jurisdictions. PDGA representatives submitting applications on behalf of their jurisdictions are doing so only to provide the PDGA with information relevant to their area of responsibility; however, the PDGA will make its own independent determination before allowing sanctioning to resume. Therefore, any PDGA representative submitting an application should not be deemed responsible or liable for any outcome resulting from the PDGA resuming sanctioning in their jurisdictions.