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Register Your Tournament as a Women's Global Event

Requirements of running a WGE event

  • Event must be on May 18th or 19th (or you can hold it both days - OR you can have it as a 3-day tournament that starts on the 17th or ends on the 20th)
  • The event should be at least two rounds
  • Have at least three propagators participating
  • Offer all 27 women's and girls' divisions. In the spirit of the event, we highly recommend that TDs run those divisions if they have even one player registered.
    • Events that only offer gender-based divisions must offer women's and girls' divisions as specified below:
    • Events that offer both mixed and gender-based divsisions must offer women's and girls' divisions as specified below:
      • Pro-Am events at A-Tier and below must offer all 27 women's and girls' divisions
      • A Pro-only B-Tier must offer all Pro women's divisions;
      • An Am-only A-Tier must offer all Am women's and Junior girls' divisions;
      • An Elite Series must offer FPO.
  • Submit your event results by noon on May 21st
What is the name of the PDGA-Sanctioned Tournament that you would like to register as a Women's Global Event?
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What is the City, State, and Country where your event is taking place?
What are the dates that your Women's Global Event will take place?
Name of the event's Tournament Director.
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