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PDGA Radio News debuted in 2004 as an online radio program at a time when use of the term "podcast" was in its nascent stages. Originally created by Brian Sullivan #14015 as a service for PDGA members and other disc golf enthusiasts, this innovative program delivered a 20-minute audio broadcast on a weekly basis. Listeners could tune in and find a new show jam-packed with fast-paced, up-to-the-minute, professionally produced content all about disc golf. Brian was your host from 2004 through 2006 and, after a year hiatus, Steve Kuzenski #29027 took over the mic from 2008 up until December 2010. In 2018, Steve Hill #103842 and Sara Lamberson #41012 reinvented the show as an hour-long program discussing all the latest on the professional scene.

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PDGA Radio Program: 08/08/05

August 8, 2005: It's a supersized clinic edition of the show! This week you'll find hot tips from top pros Des Reading, David Feldberg and Kevin McCoy on anhyzers, headwinds, uphill putts and the venerable thumber shot. Plus a look at some of the coolest PDGA events coming this weekend. The most fun wins!

PDGA Radio Program: 08/15/05

August 15, 2005: Am and Junior Worlds results! We'll run down top finishers in all divisions, plus get some inside scoops from Asst TD Barley Kirby; Kevin McCoy talks about using visualization before releasing his disc in the 60 Second clinic; and we'll look ahead to next weekend's National Tour event: Skylands Classic in Warwick, New York.

PDGA Radio Program: 08/22/05

August 22, 2005: Our guest this week is California's Steve Rico, who still hasn't found what he's looking for; Dave 'Happy Feet' Feldberg will help to improve your footwork in the 60 Second clinic; and a very exciting finish at the Skylands Classic National Tour event Warwick, New York.

PDGA Radio Program: 08/29/05

August 29, 2005: Lower scores begin with better practice! Whether you're an Am or Pro, Sports Psycholgist Dr. Betsy Shoenfelt will help you dissect and rebuild your practice routine; tips on taking advantage of a tailwind from World Champ Des Reading await you in the 60 Second Clinic; and prepare to weave through the Paw Paw trees at this weekend's West Virginia Open Supertour tournament.

PDGA Radio Program: 09/04/05

September 4, 2005: While our thoughts continue to be with our friends in the hurricane-ravaged Gulf States, we present an interview recorded earlier this season with New Orleans native Eric Tracey; Brad Hammock has plenty of tips for stretching in the 60 Second Clinic; results from the West Virginia Open, and a preview of the United States Amateur Disc Golf Cha

PDGA Radio Program: 09/12/05

September 12, 2005: Three-time Masters World Champ Brad Hammock joins us to discuss his unique driving style and monstrous success despite his diminutive size; the pros and cons on keeping your eye on the target with Kevin McCoy in the 60 Second Clinic; results from the US Amateur Disc Golf Championship in Michigan, and a preview of the United States Masters Di

PDGA Radio Program: 10/03/05

October 3, 2005: PDGA Executive Director Brian Hoeniger joins us to summarize the recent Fall Summit meetings; David Feldberg expains why you want to avoid short stroking your putts in the 60 Second Clinic; results from the Faultline Classic in Santa Cruz; a preview of the Colorado State Championships, plus news on the passing of five-time Legends Champ Ted Wil

PDGA Radio Program: 10/10/05

October 10, 2005: US Disc Golf Championship week!

PDGA Radio Program: 10/17/05

October 17, 2005: Feldberg wins USDGC! The new National Champ joins us to tell the tale of his victory in Rock Hill; Kevin McCoy has some helpful advice for Ams on the move in the 60 Second Clinic; and a preview of the Texas State Championships in Houston.

PDGA Radio Program: 10/24/05

October 24, 2005: As the world's disc golf course count draws near 2000, we catch up with Course Directory Editor Cliff Towne for an update; Des Reading eyeballs your focus point in the 60 Second Clinic; results from the Texas States, and a look ahead to this weekend's Oklahoma Open in Tulsa.

PDGA Radio Program: 10/31/05

October 31, 2005: Gregg 'Miniac' Hosfeld joins us to talk about his passion for disc sports and how he avoided becoming the first World Champ to kill himself only three seconds into his reign; Dave Feldberg will introduce you to a trick shot called the 'skomahawk' in the 60 Second Clinic; plus results from the Oklahoma Open.

PDGA Radio Program: 11/07/05

November 7, 2005: Improve your shot before you ever release a disc! Sports Psychologist Dr. Betsy Shoenfelt returns to help with your pre-shot routine; the 60 Second Clinic features Brad Hammock on positive self-talk; pros are headed to sunny Florida and the Moccasin Lake Open, plus results from the Veterans Park Open in Texas.

PDGA Radio Program: 11/14/05

November 14, 2005: PDGA #003 Dan 'Stork' Roddick joins us to promote the preservation of disc golf history; Pro player Kevin McCoy on getting out of trouble with the thumber shot; news of the National Disc Golf Center Endowment Fund, plus results from the Texas 10 Charity Cup.

PDGA Radio Program: 11/21/05

November 21, 2005: What is the current state of disc golf? The answer, according to Dan Roddick, depends on where you live; plus Women's World Champ Des Reading has advice to help you improve your accuracy.

PDGA Radio Program: 11/28/05

November 28, 2005: We wrap up our season-ending series with Stork, this week the topic for winter contemplation is the future of the game; plus USDGC Champ David Feldberg talks about how to deal with leader card pressures in the 60 Second Clinic, and the power of Google comes to the PDGA Course Directory.

PDGA Radio Program: 12/05/05

December 05, 2005: It's our course development special, and the PDGA's Cliff Towne will guide us through the process of planning and proposing your new disc golf course. One listen and you'll be busy all winter long...

PDGA Radio Program: 02/20/06

February 20, 2006: Our kickoff to the 2006 season includes a preview of the first National Tour event and always one of the most anticipated events of the year, the Discraft 2006 Memorial. We'll meet professional disc golfer Courtney Peavy, plus Brian Schweberger shares his tournament warm-up routine in the 60-Second Clinic.

PDGA Radio Program: 02/27/06

February 27, 2006: Camp DISCover U in Northern Wisconsin offers all the good summer camp stuff you remember as a kid, plus an emphasis in disc sports! We learn more about this sprawling disc camp complex with owner John Jokinen; Chris Sprague shares his putting strategy in the 60 Second Clinic; results from the Gentlemen's Club Challenge in Vegas, and a preview of the upcoming St.

PDGA Radio Program: 03/06/06

March 6, 2006: Nothing breeds confidence like success, but if you're not finding much of either, Sports Psychologist Dr.

PDGA Radio Program: 03/13/06

March 13, 2006: The 2006 PDGA Spring Summit meetings were held recently in Arizona, and Communications Director Terry Calhoun will tell us about what was discussed and decided; if your approaches from 150 feet aren't shaving strokes, listen to what Brian Schweberger has to say in the 60 Second Clinic; plus a a preview of the upcoming Melbourne Open National Tour event in sunny Florida.

PDGA Radio Program: 03/20/06

March 20, 2006: If you think you can make a difference at a higher level of disc golf leadership, Communications Director Terry Calhoun can tell you how to get there; the arrival of spring means it's roller season, Chris Sprague will help you sharpen your technique in the 60 Second Clinic; plus a a preview of the upcoming Gator Country Classic in Florida, results from the St.

PDGA Radio Program: 03/27/06

March 27, 2006: There are certain special tournaments, but for Amateur disc golfers, the place to be is the Bowling Green Am Championships. TD Larry Bledsoe talks with us as he prepares to welcome over 450 players; Brian Schweberger tackles the topic of thumber shots in the 60 Second Clinic; plus results from the Melbourne National Tour event in Florida.

PDGA Radio Program: 04/03/06

April 3, 2006: Meet pro player Aleksey 'Boobs' Bubis, a Ukrainian-born disc golfer who said 'nyet' to a career in tennis in favor of flying discs; the Bowling Green Am Championships breaks its own record for attendance at a SuperTour; Schwebey talks putting in the 60 Second Clinic, and results from the Gator Country Classic in Gainesville.

PDGA Radio Program: 04/10/06

April 10, 2006: PDGA rules guru Carlton Howard gets us up to date on the new rule changes for the season; a preview of the Texas States in Houston; Chris Sprague explains what motivates him to practice in the 60 Second Clinic, and results from the Bowling Green Open National Tour Event.

PDGA Radio Program: 04/17/06

April 17, 2006: If you think the radio show is cool, wait until you experience! It's a new site offering regularly-updated disc golf video, we'll talk with co-founder Timmy Gill; a preview of the Seneca Creek Soiree in Maryland; and Schwebey chats about his trick shot of choice -- the hook thumb roller -- in the 60 Second Clinic.

PDGA Radio Program: 04/24/06

April 24, 2006: The PDGA is starting to be embraced in Europe, as is evident by the new PDGA EuroTour series of events. We'll learn more from Britain's Derek Robins; results from the Texas State Championships; a preview of the Golden State Classic in Cali; and in the 60 Second Clinic, Brian Schweberger explains how he deals with a whiney crybaby stuck in his tournament group.

PDGA Radio Program: 05/01/06

May 1, 2006: Mark 'Lizard Lawyer' Ellis joins us with some of the most effective advice you'll get this season on how to break out of a short or longterm slump; results from the Seneca Creek Soiree in Maryland; Chris Sprague walks us through the mechanics and disc selection for a stroke-shaving anhyzer throw, and we'll run down the early-season pro money leaders.

PDGA Radio Program: 05/22/06

May 22, 2006: Putt better and smarter using mental training techniques provided by Sports Psychologist Dr. Betsy Shoenfelt; results from the Beaver State Fling NT in Portland; tips on extending the life and growth of your club; Timmy Gill on ESPN; and Chris Sprague is in the clinic with good advice on how to increase your distance.

PDGA Radio Program: 05/29/06

May 29, 2006: If you're an amateur disc golfer, chances are good you've been daydreaming about chucking responsibilities and hitting the road. This week we'll meet Ben Calhoun, who's doing just that; results from the Greater Des Moines Challenge; Brian Schweberger is talking footwork in the 60 Second Clinic; and one player has dominated so far this season on the PDGA EuroTour.

PDGA Radio Program: 06/05/06

June 05, 2006: Organizers in Utah are about to increase the number of PDGA registered women in the state by at least 300 percent... through a single event! We'll learn more about the drawing powers of the Utah Women's Championships; results from the Minnesota Majestic SuperTour; there's a preview of the Japan Open, and Brian Schweberger talks headwinds in the 60 Second Clinic.