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Derek Robins #5980

Derek Robins #5980

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Career Wins

26-Sep to 27-Sep-2020The Masters @ Quarry ParkPro Masters 50+C
28-Sep to 29-Sep-2019The Masters @ Quarry ParkPro Masters 50+C
06-Jul to 07-Jul-2019British OpenPro Masters 40+B$70
30-Dec-2018Farewell 2018OpenC
08-Dec to 09-Dec-2018BDGA Tour - Santa's Naughty ListOpenC$20
17-Nov-2018MODS presented by Disc Golf UK #7 BedworthOpenC
07-Jul to 08-Jul-201840th British OpenPro Masters 50+B$133
09-Jun to 10-Jun-2018Creeksea Classic - ET#4Pro Masters 50+B$80
19-May to 20-May-2018Mendip Masters 2018Pro Masters 40+C$68
14-Apr to 15-Apr-2018Bluebell Woods Open - ET#2Pro Masters 50+B$87
30-Sep to 01-Oct-2017The Masters @ Quarry ParkMastersXC
03-Jun to 04-Jun-2017The Battle at Bluebell Woods presented by Prodigy Europe - ET#5GrandmastersA$175
15-Apr to 16-Apr-2017Isle of Mull Disc Golf Classic - ET#2GrandmastersB$114
19-Mar-2017The Disc Golf UK Midlands One Day Series #2 Quarry ParkOpenC
01-Feb-2017Koh Som Invitational 2MastersC$79
02-Jan-2017The Disc Golf UK Midlands One Day Series #12 Cold AshbyOpenC
20-Nov-2016The Midlands One Day Series #10 Quarry ParkOpenC
14-May to 15-May-2016Prodigy presents - The Battle at Bluebell Woods - Euro Tour #3 + WGEGrandmastersA$274
08-Aug to 09-Aug-2015Platak OpenOpenC
07-Mar to 08-Mar-2015EuroTour #1 - Vibram presents The Battle at Bluebell Woods / British Disc Golf OpenGrandmastersB$183
20-Sep to 21-Sep-2014BDGA#10 - Quarry Park OpenOpenC$178
06-Sep to 07-Sep-2014Croydon Cyclone 2014OpenC$160
05-Jul to 06-Jul-2014EuroTour #6 - Prodiscus Estonian Open 2014GrandmastersB$95
07-Jun to 08-Jun-20142014 Smolenice OpenOpenC
10-May to 11-May-2014Vormot Frisbigiolfbudarinnar 2014OpenC
03-May to 04-May-2014EuroTour #3 - British OpenGrandmastersB$316
29-Mar to 30-Mar-2014EuroTour #1 - Dutch OpenGrandmastersB$308
13-Apr to 14-Apr-2013EuroTour #2 - Prodiscus Vilnius OpenGrandmastersB$190
06-Oct to 07-Oct-2012Czech Open 2012OpenC
29-Sep to 30-Sep-2012Autumn EquinoxOpenC
15-Sep to 16-Sep-2012Quarry Park OpenOpenC
15-Aug to 18-Aug-2012European ChampionshipsGrandmastersXA$328
28-Apr to 29-Apr-2012Bristol OpenOpenC
14-Apr to 15-Apr-2012Copenhagen OpenGrandmastersA$408
31-Mar to 01-Apr-2012Dutch OpenGrandmastersB$345
03-Sep to 04-Sep-2011BDGA Tour 8 - Croydon CycloneOpenC
20-Aug to 21-Aug-2011British Open - GDGTGrandmastersA$208
02-Jul to 03-Jul-2011Stockholm OpenGrandmastersA$480
28-May to 29-May-2011BDGA Tour 5 - MullOpenC
16-Apr to 17-Apr-2011BDGA Tour 4- Essex OpenOpenC
05-Mar to 06-Mar-2011BDGA Tour 2 - QP Spring FlingOpenC
05-Feb to 06-Feb-2011BDGA Tour 1 - FrostbreakerOpenC
11-Sep to 12-Sep-2010BDGA Tour 8 - Autumn EquinoxOpenC
14-Aug to 15-Aug-2010BDGA Tour 7 - Quarry Park OpenOpenC
18-Jul-2010Quarry Park One Hit WonderOpenC
05-Jun to 06-Jun-2010Sula OpenMastersB$160
17-Apr to 18-Apr-2010BDGA Tour 4- Essex OpenOpenC
20-Feb to 21-Feb-2010BDGA Tour 2 - Chilly ChuckOpenC
30-Jan to 31-Jan-2010BDGA Tour 1 - FrostbreakerOpenC
01-Aug to 02-Aug-2009BDGA Tour 7 - Whitcombe ClassicOpenC
02-May to 03-May-2009BDGA Tour 5 - MullOpenC
18-Apr to 19-Apr-2009BDGA Tour 4- Essex openOpenC
04-Apr to 05-Apr-2009BDGA Tour 3 - SnowbowOpenC
28-Mar to 29-Mar-2009Dutch OpenMastersB$280
07-Mar to 08-Mar-2009BDGA Tour 2 - Spring FlingOpenC
07-Feb to 08-Feb-2009BDGA Tour 1 - FrostbreakerOpenC
20-Sep to 21-Sep-2008BDGA Tour 9 - Autumn EquinoxOpenC
03-May to 04-May-2008BDGA Tour 5 - Scottish OpenOpenC
19-Apr to 20-Apr-2008BDGA Tour 4- Croydon CycloneOpenC
05-Apr to 06-Apr-2008Dutch OpenMastersB$245
29-Mar to 30-Mar-2008BDGA Tour 3 - SnowbowOpenC
01-Mar to 02-Mar-2008BDGA Tour 2 - Spring FlingOpenC
22-Sep to 23-Sep-2007BDGA Tour 11 - Autumn EquinoxOpenC
07-Jul to 08-Jul-2007BDGA Tour 7 - Quarry Park OpenOpenC
02-Jun to 03-Jun-2007BDGA Tour 5 - Kingsland ClassicOpenC
05-May to 06-May-2007BDGA Tour 4 - Scottish OpenOpenC
31-Mar to 01-Apr-2007BDGA Tour 2 - SnowbowOpenC
10-Feb to 11-Feb-2007BDGA Tour 1 - FrostbreakerOpenC
23-Sep to 24-Sep-2006BDGA Tour #10 - The Autumnal EquinoxOpenC
02-Sep to 03-Sep-2006BDGA Tour #9 - Quarry Park ExtraOpenC
01-Jul to 02-Jul-2006BDGA Tour #7 - Quarry Park OpenOpenC
13-May to 14-May-200612th Dutch OpenMastersB$180
28-Apr to 30-Apr-2006BDGA Tour #4 - The Scottish OpenOpenC
25-Feb to 26-Feb-2006BDGA Tour #1 - The FrostbreakerOpenC
25-Mar to 27-Mar-2005Easter OpenMastersB$130
31-Jul to 03-Aug-20032003 European ChampionshipsMastersA$360
18-Feb to 19-Feb-2001FrostbreakerOpenC