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Ronald Godbey #56445

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Career Wins

20-Feb-2021Ice Bowl Krazy Finale at Lincoln RidgePro Masters 65+C$41
19-Sep-2020Disc 'n Dat Bluegrass OpenPro Masters 60+C$195
22-Sep-2019Thornageddon 5Pro Masters 50+C$113
07-Sep-2019No Kids AllowedPro Masters 60+C/B$175
13-Oct-2018GCFDA CCS#8 at Mt.Airy ForestPro Masters 60+C$30
07-Oct-2018Battle of the Burg 7Pro Masters 60+C$115
10-Feb-20182018 Ice Bowl Krazy Series #3 at AJ Jolly Pro Masters 55+C$80
14-Oct-2017GCFDA CCS#8 at Mt.AirySenior GrandmastersC$40
06-Aug-2017Flying Pig OpenSenior GrandmastersB$117
13-May-20172017 Disc 'n Dat Bluegrass OpenSenior GrandmastersB$188
08-Apr-2017GCFDA CCS#2 at Dunham DGCSenior GrandmastersC$45
28-Jan-20172017 Ice Bowl Krazy #2 at HarbinSenior GrandmastersC$65
17-Sep-2016GCFDA CCS#7 at Rapid Run & DunhamSenior GrandmastersC$50
17-Oct-2015GCFDA CCS # 8 at Mt. Airy ForestSenior GrandmastersC$50
27-Jun-2015LoPAR 39 by 5Senior GrandmastersC$76
28-Feb-20152015 Ice Bowl Krazy Series Finale at Lincoln RidgeSenior GrandmastersC$55