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Bob Cannon #26532

Bob Cannon #26532

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Career Wins

12-Aug-2023Lake Marshall One and Done #2Mixed Pro 50+C$60
15-Jul-2023Lake Marshall One and Done #1Mixed Pro 50+C$43
01-Jul to 02-Jul-2023Blue Ridge Open, sponsored by MVP Disc SportsMixed Pro 50+B/C$402
03-Jun-202315th Annual No Quarter at New Quarter - All Pro, MA1, MA40Mixed Pro 50+B$225
11-Dec-2022LMO Volunteer Appreciation DayMixed Pro 40+C
27-Nov-2022I81DGS 22nd Shenandoah SHAG - PRO - MA1/MA40Mixed Pro 50+B$200
20-Nov-2022ODDS #12: Rice Properties Group's Duck Golf XL - All Pro, MA1, MA2Mixed Pro 50+B$300
13-Nov-2022Loudoun PRCS x LoCo DGC present Hal and Berni's HullabalooMixed Pro 50+C$130
12-Nov-2022Battle at HartwoodMixed Pro 50+C$30
05-Nov to 06-Nov-202225th Annual Colonial Fall Colors - All ProMixed Pro 50+A$650
23-Jul to 24-Jul-2022ODDS #9- Raptor's Roost OpenMixed Pro 50+B$223
16-Apr-2022Birds of a Feather- RaptorMixed Pro 50+C$103
10-Apr-202225th Annual Colonial Spring Pro/Am - All Pro, MA1 & MA40Mixed Pro 50+B$225
09-Apr-202215th Annual Bayville Spring Pro/Am - Pro, MA1, MA40Mixed Pro 50+B$220
03-Apr-2022ODDS #2: The Third Annual Howling Gale Classic sponsored by Fair Winds Brewing Company - PRO and MA1/FA1/MA40Mixed Pro 50+B$345
26-Mar-2022TrueTimber Open - Pro & AdvMixed Pro 50+B$262
18-Mar-2022Golden Horseshoe OpenMixed Pro 50+C$82
25-Sep to 26-Sep-2021ODDS #8: Bluechip Technologies presents the Tenth Annual LoCo OpenMixed Pro 50+B$780
23-Jul-2021Good Sports Summer Slam- Event #2 Cannon Ridge CrushMixed Pro 40+C$45
03-Jul to 04-Jul-2021Premier Design : Blue Ridge Open, sponsored by Dynamic DiscsMixed Pro 50+C$138
06-Jun-202113th Annual No Quarter at New Quarter - All Pro, MA1, MA40Mixed Pro 50+B$200
14-May to 16-May-2021Lake Marshall Open presented by Knowledge Management IncMixed Pro 50+B$720
14-Nov to 15-Nov-2020Rice Properties Group's Duck Golf 38Mixed Pro 50+B$330
17-Oct-202013th Whispering Falls Harvest, i81DGSMixed Pro 50+C$90
19-Sep to 20-Sep-2020Bluechip Technologies presents the Ninth Annual LoCo OpenMixed Pro 50+B$305
30-Jul-2020Social C's #3- Tossing at the CrossingMixed Pro 50+C$55
27-Jun-2020Brent Anderson MemorialMixed Pro 50+C$100
05-Mar-2020MVP Disc Sports presents GYROscope #1: The Third Campside OpenMixed Pro 40+C$120
02-Nov to 03-Nov-201922nd Annual Fall Colors Pro/AmMixed Pro 50+B$300
20-Oct-201919th Shenandoah Shag I81DGS FinaleMixed Pro 50+B$200
11-Sep-2019Hawk Hollow OpenMixed Pro 50+C$65
25-Aug-2019Maurertown FLY I81DGS #8Mixed Pro 50+C$115
03-Aug-201912th Annual Whispering Falls HarvestMixed Pro 50+C$85
09-Jun-2019Turkey Hill Contender 2019 Sponsored by Sayburr ConstructionMixed Pro 50+B$280
25-May to 26-May-2019Two Days in MayMixed Pro 50+A$731
15-Mar-2019Golden Horseshoe OpenMixed Pro 50+C$72
02-Mar-2019ODDS #1 - Loriella Challenge PRO Driven by INNOVA (Age Protected Divisions)Mixed Pro 50+B$270
17-Feb-2019Betty Queen Open - Pro and MA1Mixed Pro 50+C$76
10-Feb-2019The Frozen LotusMixed Pro OpenC$230
02-Dec-2018Rice Properties Group's Bluemont Bruiser Driven By Innova (Pro & MA1)Mixed Pro 40+C$120
17-Nov to 18-Nov-2018ODDS #12: Rice Properties Group's Duck Golf 36Mixed Pro 40+B$310
11-Nov-2018Virginia Cardinal - I81DGS Finale FinaleMixed Pro 40+C$80
03-Nov to 04-Nov-201821st Annual Pro Fall ColorsMixed Pro 40+A$550
20-Oct-2018MVP Disc Sports presents the 2nd Annual HAYCO HoedownMixed Pro 40+B$240
02-Jun-201810th Annual No Quarter at New QuarterMixed Pro 40+B$270
22-Apr-2018Winchester GHO - I81DGS #3Mixed Pro 40+C$115
14-Apr-2018Ditto Duo - I81 DGS #2Mixed Pro 40+C$90
31-Mar-2018Sontag OpenMixed Pro 40+C$135
25-Mar-2018Sherando Spartan PRO ODDS#2 - I81DGS#1Mixed Pro 40+B$225
04-Nov to 05-Nov-201720th Annual Fall Colors presented by Dynamic DiscsMastersA$610
17-Sep-201717th Shenandoah Shag MastersC$120
23-May-2017Sunnyside ChampionshipMastersC$60
15-Apr-2017Curtis Memorial Park - First Time EventMastersC$70
02-Apr-2017ODDS Event #3: K’Crushka 2017, PRO and MA1MastersB/C$165
26-Mar-2017ODDS #2 - Sherando Spartan PROMastersB$180
12-Mar-2017Winchester IFOMastersC$120
19-Feb-2017Betty Queen Open - ProMastersC$110
12-Nov to 13-Nov-2016Duck Golf 34: Presented by DC Discs (ODDS #12)MastersB$297
16-Oct-2016Maurertown FLYMastersC$135
02-Oct-2016Mountain Jam 15 - ProMastersC$90
04-Jun-20168th Annual No Quarter at New QuarterMastersB$150
30-Apr to 01-May-2016Spike Hyzer's: Tour De Richmond; VA Conf #2, Presented by Dynamic DiscsMastersB$290
13-Mar-2016Winchester IFOMastersB$215
21-Feb-2016Betty Queen Open - ProMastersC$60
19-Dec-2015Winter is ComingMastersC$175
06-Dec-2015Bluemont Bruiser 2015 - Pro and AdvancedMastersC$202
25-Oct-2015Maurertown FLYMastersC$115
20-Jun-20152015 Battlefield OpenMastersC$165
29-Mar-2015Winchester IFOMastersB$190
02-Nov-2014Winchester IFO Second RunMastersC$75
07-Jun-20142014 Battlefield OpenMastersC$165
05-Apr-20148th Annual Bayville Spring Pro/AmMastersB$245
09-Mar-2014Sherando SpartanMastersB$195
02-Mar-2014Loriella Challenge - PROMastersB$190
10-Nov-201316th Annual Fall Colors - All Pro and MA1MastersB$170
22-May-2013Loriella OpenMastersC$55
05-May-2013Cinco de MayoMastersC$80
04-May-2013Big Branch OpenMixed Pro OpenC$150
21-Apr-2013Winchester IFOMastersB$200
06-Apr to 07-Apr-2013Spike Hyzer Presents: Battle in the Blue Ridge Virginia Conf Event 2MastersB$230
03-Mar-2013Loriella Challenge - ProsMastersB$180
25-Aug-2012LoCo OpenMastersB$190
07-Mar-2010Loriella ChallengeMastersB$190
22-Nov-2009Calvert OpenMastersC$140
15-Aug-2009Duck Golf XXVIIMastersC$170
20-May-2009Loriella OpenMastersC$70
06-Jul-200825th Annual Duck GolfMixed Amateur 1C
09-Sep-2007Calvert Open - AmMixed Amateur 1B
25-Jun-20066th Shenandoah ShagMixed Amateur 1C
05-Mar-2005Loriella ChallengeMixed Amateur 3B