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Marc Post #155096

Marc Post #155096

Marc Post 155096's picture
Marc Post 155096's picture

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Career Wins

25-May to 26-May-202421st New Lenox OpenMixed Amateur 40+C
13-Apr-20243rd Annual Baskets in the BlossomsMixed Amateur 40+C
05-Apr-2024Fraction Run Cup 6 Flex StartMixed Amateur 40+C
23-Mar-2024Summit Scramble FlexMixed Amateur 40+C
04-Feb-2024Groundhog Day Flex AgainMixed Amateur 40+C
19-Nov-2023The Eleventh Hour - MPO, MA2, MA4, FA2, FA4, MA40Mixed Amateur 40+C
14-Oct to 15-Oct-2023J-Town Championships presented by J-Town Disc Golf ClubMixed Amateur 40+B
21-Sep-2023Channahon Classic FlexMixed Amateur 40+C
08-Sep-2023Golden Oaks FlexMixed Amateur 40+C
12-Aug to 13-Aug-2023Unstable Discourse Open 5Mixed Amateur 40+C
22-Jul to 23-Jul-202341st Illinois State Disc Golf ChampionshipsMixed Amateur 40+B
15-Apr-2023The 2023 Prairie Open - Pro/Adv Wisconsin Tour Stop Sponsored by Innova DiscsMixed Amateur 40+B
30-Mar-2023Fraction Run Cup 5 Flex StartMixed Amateur 40+C
12-Nov-2022The Good Schlitt GatheringMixed Amateur 40+C
14-Oct to 16-Oct-2022J-Town Championships presented by J-Town Disc Golf ClubMixed Amateur 40+B
24-Sep to 25-Sep-202235th Channahon ClassicMixed Amateur 40+B
18-Aug-2022Unstable Open 4 Flex StartMixed Amateur 40+C
14-Aug-2022The Windy City Throw DownMixed Amateur 40+C
26-Dec-2021Twenty Twenty One Last RoundMixed Amateur 40+C
20-Mar to 21-Mar-2021Fraction Run Cup 3Mixed Amateur 40+C