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Todd Andrews #13590

Todd Andrews #13590

Player Info

  • Location: Portland, Oregon, United States
  • Classification: Amateur
  • Member Since: 1998
  • Membership Status: Current (until 28-Feb-2021)
  • Official Status: Expired (as of 18-Jul-2017)
  • Current Rating: 901 (as of 19-Apr-2016)
  • Career Events: 66
  • Career Wins: 4

Ratings Detail

Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 56
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 56
Round 2 & 3; 18 holes; Par 61
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 59
Round 2 & 3; 18 holes; Par 61
Dexter Disc Golf Course Saturday; 18 holes; Par 54
Dexter Disc Golf Course Saturday; 18 holes; Par 54
Dexter Disc Golf Course Saturday; 18 holes; Par 54
Bryant short pins; 18 holes; Par 59
Bryant long pins; 18 holes; Par 61
Bryant short pins; 18 holes; Par 59
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
Jim Warner; 18 holes; Par 65
WR Jackson; 18 holes; Par 69
Steady Ed; 18 holes; Par 65
Race for the Cup #1: AdairC19-Mar-2016157926YesYes
Race for the Cup #1: AdairC19-Mar-2016262875YesYes
Calapooia ClassicB17-Aug to 18-Aug-2013378816NoNo
Calapooia ClassicB17-Aug to 18-Aug-2013168900NoNo
Calapooia ClassicB17-Aug to 18-Aug-2013281790NoNo
Eugene Disc Golf CelebrationB10-Sep to 11-Sep-2011265846NoNo
Eugene Disc Golf CelebrationB10-Sep to 11-Sep-2011355955NoNo
Eugene Disc Golf CelebrationB10-Sep to 11-Sep-2011166847NoNo
Calapooia ClassicB20-Aug to 21-Aug-2011270872NoNo
Calapooia ClassicB20-Aug to 21-Aug-2011378831NoNo
Calapooia ClassicB20-Aug to 21-Aug-2011168848NoNo
Scout Lake ClassicC11-Jun to 12-Jun-2011153916NoNo
Scout Lake ClassicC11-Jun to 12-Jun-2011253916NoNo
Disc Golf Hall of Fame ClassicA30-Apr to 1-May-2011173891NoNo
Disc Golf Hall of Fame ClassicA30-Apr to 1-May-2011291845NoNo
Disc Golf Hall of Fame ClassicA30-Apr to 1-May-2011374849NoNo
Great Northwest OpenB/A17-Apr to 18-Apr-2010161887NoNo
Great Northwest OpenB/A17-Apr to 18-Apr-2010258918NoNo
Great Northwest OpenB/A17-Apr to 18-Apr-2010359908NoNo
Eugene CelebrationB12-Sep to 13-Sep-2009267864NoNo
Eugene CelebrationB12-Sep to 13-Sep-2009360882NoNo
Eugene CelebrationB12-Sep to 13-Sep-2009167864NoNo
Great Northwest OpenB25-Apr to 26-Apr-2009159941NoNo
Great Northwest OpenB25-Apr to 26-Apr-2009265885NoNo
Great Northwest OpenB25-Apr to 26-Apr-2009362889NoNo
Calapooia ClassicB23-Jun to 24-Jun-2007159898NoNo
Calapooia ClassicB23-Jun to 24-Jun-2007266825NoNo
Calapooia ClassicB23-Jun to 24-Jun-2007356923NoNo
Great Northwest OpenB28-Apr to 29-Apr-2007267836NoNo
Great Northwest OpenB28-Apr to 29-Apr-2007367839NoNo
Great Northwest OpenB28-Apr to 29-Apr-2007159913NoNo
Willamette OpenB30-Sep to 1-Oct-2006163885NoNo
Willamette OpenB30-Sep to 1-Oct-2006259916NoNo
Willamette OpenB30-Sep to 1-Oct-2006355930NoNo
Willamette OpenB30-Sep to 1-Oct-2006456919NoNo
Lava LaunchB26-Aug to 27-Aug-2006265896NoNo
Lava LaunchB26-Aug to 27-Aug-2006192927NoNo
Rose City OpenC/B8-Jul to 9-Jul-2006163916NoNo
Rose City OpenC/B8-Jul to 9-Jul-2006269862NoNo
Rose City OpenC/B8-Jul to 9-Jul-2006363911NoNo
Simpson Summer SlingC/B10-Jun to 11-Jun-2006160906NoNo
Simpson Summer SlingC/B10-Jun to 11-Jun-2006261891NoNo
Simpson Summer SlingC/B10-Jun to 11-Jun-2006356932NoNo
Eugene CelebrationB10-Sep to 11-Sep-2005163868NoNo
Eugene CelebrationB10-Sep to 11-Sep-2005262924NoNo
Eugene CelebrationB10-Sep to 11-Sep-2005358889NoNo
Eugene CelebrationB10-Sep to 11-Sep-2005456907NoNo
Whistling Discs OpenC27-Aug to 28-Aug-2005357935NoNo
Whistling Discs OpenC27-Aug to 28-Aug-2005155964NoNo
Whistling Discs OpenC27-Aug to 28-Aug-2005261888NoNo
Simpson Summer SlingC/B23-Jul to 24-Jul-2005356889NoNo
Simpson Summer SlingC/B23-Jul to 24-Jul-2005456896NoNo
Simpson Summer SlingC/B23-Jul to 24-Jul-2005157950NoNo
Simpson Summer SlingC/B23-Jul to 24-Jul-2005265863NoNo
Shale City OpenB18-Jun to 19-Jun-2005164884NoNo
Shale City OpenB18-Jun to 19-Jun-2005263898NoNo
Shale City OpenB18-Jun to 19-Jun-2005364867NoNo
Hyzer Desert OpenC30-Apr to 1-May-2005159927NoNo
Hyzer Desert OpenC30-Apr to 1-May-2005259931NoNo
Hyzer Desert OpenC30-Apr to 1-May-2005368859NoNo
Willamette OpenC2-Oct to 3-Oct-2004269789NoNo
Willamette OpenC2-Oct to 3-Oct-2004365902NoNo
Willamette OpenC2-Oct to 3-Oct-2004155880NoNo
Eugene CelebrationB11-Sep to 12-Sep-2004257902NoNo
Eugene CelebrationB11-Sep to 12-Sep-2004362909NoNo
Eugene CelebrationB11-Sep to 12-Sep-2004153951NoNo
Simpson Summer SlingC31-Jul to 1-Aug-2004162838NoNo
Simpson Summer SlingC31-Jul to 1-Aug-2004257893NoNo
Simpson Summer SlingC31-Jul to 1-Aug-2004350953NoNo
Tall Timber OpenC10-Jul to 11-Jul-2004358882NoNo
Tall Timber OpenC10-Jul to 11-Jul-2004156888NoNo
Tall Timber OpenC10-Jul to 11-Jul-2004258863NoNo
Hyzer Desert OpenC12-Jun to 13-Jun-2004268909NoNo
Hyzer Desert OpenC12-Jun to 13-Jun-2004372889NoNo
Hyzer Desert OpenC12-Jun to 13-Jun-2004169894NoNo
Riverbend OpenB22-May to 23-May-2004159912NoNo
Riverbend OpenB22-May to 23-May-2004263856NoNo
Riverbend OpenB22-May to 23-May-2004392903NoNo
Great Northwest OpenB8-May to 9-May-2004357908NoNo
Great Northwest OpenB8-May to 9-May-2004159901NoNo
Great Northwest OpenB8-May to 9-May-2004257929NoNo
HopeB10-Apr to 11-Apr-2004159858NoNo
HopeB10-Apr to 11-Apr-2004251951NoNo
HopeB10-Apr to 11-Apr-2004358909NoNo
HopeB10-Apr to 11-Apr-2004459879NoNo
8th Windy River OpenB3-Apr to 4-Apr-2004161886NoNo
8th Windy River OpenB3-Apr to 4-Apr-2004254920NoNo
8th Windy River OpenB3-Apr to 4-Apr-2004355915NoNo
Willamette Open VC4-Oct to 5-Oct-2003358892NoNo
Willamette Open VC4-Oct to 5-Oct-2003159894NoNo
Willamette Open VC4-Oct to 5-Oct-2003262850NoNo
Eugene CelebrationB13-Sep to 14-Sep-2003153968NoNo
Eugene CelebrationB13-Sep to 14-Sep-2003259901NoNo
Eugene CelebrationB13-Sep to 14-Sep-2003360923NoNo
Beaver State FlingB12-Jul to 13-Jul-2003158867NoNo
Beaver State FlingB12-Jul to 13-Jul-2003258892NoNo
Beaver State FlingB12-Jul to 13-Jul-2003361858NoNo
Deschutes OpenB7-Jun to 8-Jun-2003255886NoNo
Deschutes OpenB7-Jun to 8-Jun-2003359888NoNo
Deschutes OpenB7-Jun to 8-Jun-2003155919NoNo
Willamette Open IVC12-Oct to 13-Oct-2002159875NoNo
Willamette Open IVC12-Oct to 13-Oct-2002262842NoNo
Willamette Open IVC12-Oct to 13-Oct-2002358896NoNo
Eugene CelebrationB14-Sep to 15-Sep-2002157923NoNo
Eugene CelebrationB14-Sep to 15-Sep-2002254954NoNo
Eugene CelebrationB14-Sep to 15-Sep-2002356933NoNo
Whistlin Discs OpenC17-Aug to 18-Aug-2002191895NoNo
Whistlin Discs OpenC17-Aug to 18-Aug-2002290902NoNo
Beaver State FlingC22-Jun to 23-Jun-2002159837NoNo
Beaver State FlingC22-Jun to 23-Jun-2002256874NoNo
Beaver State FlingC22-Jun to 23-Jun-2002355872NoNo
6th Windy River Open B6-Apr to 7-Apr-2002392877NoNo
6th Windy River Open B6-Apr to 7-Apr-2002192877NoNo
6th Windy River Open B6-Apr to 7-Apr-2002265898NoNo
Eugene CelebrationB22-Sep to 23-Sep-2001170804NoNo
Eugene CelebrationB22-Sep to 23-Sep-2001265854NoNo
Eugene CelebrationB22-Sep to 23-Sep-2001362884NoNo
McIver OpenB2-Jun to 3-Jun-2001194832NoNo
McIver OpenB2-Jun to 3-Jun-2001294832NoNo
5th Windy River OpenB7-Apr to 8-Apr-2001368854NoNo
5th Windy River OpenB7-Apr to 8-Apr-2001471802NoNo
5th Windy River OpenB7-Apr to 8-Apr-2001164876NoNo
5th Windy River OpenB7-Apr to 8-Apr-2001269844NoNo
Whistlin Discs OpenB19-Aug to 20-Aug-2000195864NoNo
Whistlin Discs OpenB19-Aug to 20-Aug-20002100830NoNo
Deschutes OpenB10-Jun to 11-Jun-2000454872NoNo
Deschutes OpenB10-Jun to 11-Jun-2000159870NoNo
Deschutes OpenB10-Jun to 11-Jun-2000255858NoNo
Deschutes OpenB10-Jun to 11-Jun-2000363825NoNo