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PDGA Europe Masters' Event 2024: Press Release


PDGA Europe wishes to maintain the momentum of both the promotion and celebration of the sustained growth of Masters in Disc Golf.


Welcome to the Inaugural PDGA Europe Masters’ Event 2024!

Background and Purpose:

Following the success of the PDGA Europe Women's Event 2023, and in keeping with PDGA Europe's interest in promoting all divisions and age groups, we have created the PDGA Europe Master's Event 2024 which will be held biennially so that the two events alternate each year.

The PDGA Europe Masters’ Event:

  • Is designed to enable Masters across Europe to continue to celebrate their participation in Disc Golf by playing simultaneously together as a whole and in their chosen division.
  • Demonstrates PDGA Europe’s continued support of underserved divisions and provides further opportunities for their growth.


  • PDGA Europe will provide at least the first 10 Tournament Directors to sign up a refund of their sanctioning fee in recognition of the TD’s support to Masters players. Contact PDGA Europe Tour Manager Matej Verl before registering.
  • PDGA Europe will provide at least the first 10 Tournament Directors to sign up with a PDGA Europe Banner.
  • PDGA will be providing the first 10 tournaments to register with a code for a PDGA Certified Rules Official Exam, the receiver of which will be chosen by PDGA Europe.
  • PDGA Europe Inaugural Masters’ Event will comprise a Virtually Scored Single Live Event, played on the 14-Sep and/or 15-Sep-2024.




  • Active PDGA member if B Tier or above.
  • Eligible for Masters divisions ( Male or Female ) as per PDGA rules.
  • Eligible for chosen Masters division as per the PDGA Competition Manual.


  • All PDGA Europe Masters’ Events 2024 will be PDGA sanctioned events.
  • Complete at least 2 rounds of 18 holes. The first 2 rounds ratings will be averaged to determine the overall standings.
  • M60 / F60 (60 and over) are required to complete 1 round of 18 holes.
  • Layouts must be the same for both rounds and contain at least 3 propagators.
  • Tournament Directors must allow Masters to choose their division within the allowed ones according to PDGA Competition Manual.
  • Division with only one player  will remain in order to encourage choice and appreciation.
  • Tournaments will take place in a PDGA Europe affiliated Country.
  • PDGA Live Scoring will be used.
  • Tournament name to be followed by “ - PDGA Europe Masters’ Event”.
  • Tournaments are to be held on 14-Sep and/or 15-Sep-2024.


We would like to offer you the opportunity to show your support by becoming involved in our PDGA Europe Inaugural Masters’ Event 2024. As a supporter, PDGA Europe will publicize how you have supported the event on our Social Media prior to and post-event, we would also like to encourage you to use your channels to promote and celebrate your involvement.

If you would like to be involved, please contact PDGA Europe Director Zoë Woodward to discuss how you would like to be part of the biggest picture.