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The Women of Women's Disc Golf Week

The Women of Women's Disc Golf Week

Saturday, May 13, 2023 - 00:43

Back when we announced the inaugural PDGA Women's Disc Golf Week, we asked for nominations of women and girls for us to recognize during Women's Disc Golf Week. The response has been incredible (just like the ladies you all nominated)!

A quick reminder of the things to take advantage of this week (and in some cases, all throughout May):

  • Non-member fee waived for participants in gender-based divisions at PDGA C-Tier level events from May 13-21 where applicable (USA and Canada).
  • USE CODE WDW2023 at to get 20% off PDGA membership for new female members!
  • Mystery boxes of goodies sent to 50 women and girls who participate in a PDGA-sanctioned event in the month of May with current PDGA membership or who are nominated to be recognized during Women's Disc Golf Week. Winners to be determined by a drawing after June's ratings update.
    • You will get an entry for each event! Play 5 events = 5 entries! 

Big thanks to all of those who sent in nominations and introduced us to these amazing women who have inspired you (and now all of us).

Jessica Castelo #207381

Tamarac, Florida, United States


I would like to nominate Jessica Castelo #207381 (right, in photo) for PDGA Women's Month. I competed against her in the Palm Beach Classic in February 2023, and just that brief interaction left a great impression on me. I admire her sportswomanship, her cheerful and supportive attitude, and the fact that she played FA1 - and won! - while seven months pregnant. Women are amazing! I was playing the course blind, and instead of taking advantage of my ignorance, both she and our other cardmate, Melissa Schnider (left in photo), were so patient in helping me learn the course. Jessica even offered to show me another course we were set to compete in. I wish her the best with her new baby, and hope to play with and against her again soon! 

– Melissa Petruzzello #231898

Nicola Stout #156428

Invercargill, New Zealand


Nicola is a great player that is willing to teach encourage and help build the ladies playing in small tow. Invercargill New Zealand finding different ways to entice others to give it a go and get hooked no matter what age. Can’t have a better advocate in the Deep South.

– Kath Hedley

Charlotte Dunkley #99155

Auckland, New Zealand


Charlotte is an ongoing advocate for women in disc golf, continuing to organise women’s events even when unable to play her self and a regular organiser of the global event in Auckland New Zealand. Charlotte puts in many hours supporting ladies to give it a go and is encouraging with lovely helpful advice helping break down barriers and stereotypes impacting women’s involvement in disc golf. Always have a fun bubbly and energetic round when Charlotte is involved.

– Kath Hedley

Charlotte has made a big difference growing the amount of women that play Disc Golf in New Zealand.  She has run a few successful women’s only events and tries to hold a social women’s meet and greet event at our local courses.  She is always open to helping new players with tips and just general friendship.  Charlotte is well deserving of being recognised in Women’s Disc golf.

– Libby Darrach #173644

Charlotte is the reason why and how I connected with some of the best humans I know. I saw her poster for the regular women's social catch up at Woodhill disc golf course and turning up is one of the best things I have ever done. These monthly open invites don't even begin to illustrate what she contributes to the community, especially for women. 

On paper, she is one of the most important people of the "Disc Shop Disc Golf Crew" who have run the most epic events in the country, of a recent scale never seen before in NZ. She is the most organised and reliable person I know. She does this voluntarily and spends hours and hours. Course set up, signage, registration, PDGA requirements...

She has run the best Women's Global Events ever - with so many spot prizes, that we had to go another round. The number of newbies joining in is outstanding.

Last year she was the chairperson of the Auckland Dic Golf Club (only its second year of existence). Without her, the Auckland Disc Golf Champs would not have been half the event that it was, quite literally. She established the ADGC Hall of Fame.

Beyond definable events and achievements, Charlotte gives the most just by being herself. She was the top Am player in the country, and yet, for as long as I have known her, she prioritises enjoyment over competition. This makes the sport so much more accessible for anyone who wants to give it a go. She is relentless in her support and encouragement of women in the sport. She is an advocate for women's participation in all events.

Charlotte will never blow her own trumpet, but she must be the most influential and highest contributing women to the sport in the country. 

– Laura Bakker #152216

Charlotte has been really instrumental in the growth of disc golf in New Zealand. She organises events including Women's Disc Golf Events that often it's the first time many ladies come into the sport. She runs regular social get togethers that help new people try out the sport in a fun, learning, and friendly environment. She has been the chairperson for the local association and runs many pop up events.  Charlotte demonstrates her passion for disc golf and is always keen to help beginners enjoy the sport. I would not have been a player were it not for her running events and one day I came across her playing a social event and I got invited to my first ever WGE. I have since learnt a lot. Charlotte continuously strives to make every participant enjoy and all events memorable. She commits time and fund raises or finds sponsors for events and this really makes all events fill up with pleasant surprises. She is often out helping course maintenance or event set ups. She really lives for the sport and many including myself would be so happy for Charlotte to be recognised for her contribution to disc golf. 

Thank you for this opportunity to nominate women who have made such a difference to our sport and our lives. 

– Edwina Mandisodza #177748

Hannah Lengel #131583

Winona Lake, Indiana, United States


I met Hannah Lengel during my first tournament. She made me feel welcome. Her encouragement and advice during my first event are part of the reason I still compete today. Hannah always brings a positive attitude to the course, even if the round isn't going the way she hoped--although, that's rare as one of the highest rated amateur women in the world! Hannah is a competitive athlete and her hard work and dedication is inspiring.

– Maddie Miller #156295

Sheila Calhoun #16515

Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States


I’d like to nominate my wife, Sheila Calhoun, PDGA #16515. She has two amateur worlds first places and one second place. She’s helped me with the construction and design of a number of Disc Golf courses. She partnered with my son and I in the growth of, for 13 years, a successful retail Disc Golf operation, the, which we just sold out this year to our son and his wife.

At our house she has helped me build two 18-hole courses which we spend our time in retirement together taking care of, maintaining, and planting trees on, so far more than 15,000 trees in the last ten years.

– Terry Calhoun

Charlotte Crabtree #127535

Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada


I would like to nominate Charlotte Crabtree-Brown. She is an amazing women  who is dedicated to growing the sport. She is one of my clubs board members. And she makes sure everyone always feels welcome and included.

– Jessie Rutherford

Shannon Sanders #197545

Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada


I would like to nominate Shannon Sanders. She is a huge player in growing women's disc golf. She has done so much in her few years in the sport. She runs a weekly women's league in the fraser valley. This league gives women clinics to help their game. She is a blessing to women living in British Columbia.  We all appreciate what she does.

– Jessie Rutherford

Shannon has created a place 'from beginners to advanced, Women’s League at Raptors Knoll will bring together the female identifying disc golf community with a perfect balance of learning and socializing. This is a pressure free environment to progress at your own pace, among fun, positive peers. The events will range from casual rounds, clinics, doubles matches, and some sweet weekly door prizes as well. Possibly even some theme events! 😉 Don’t have any discs? No worries! There will be loaner discs available for you to use. These events will be a positive, fun, and safe way to grow the sport we all love so much!' (copied from our Facebook Women's league page)

We have had several clinics that have taught the basics, including rules and terminology and shot execution. Shannon has helped not only with disc golfing confidence but personal growth and confidence!  

Shannon has been a great leader and organizer of female disc golf events and functions in our area. She has even started a virtual putting League for Women that are interested. Shannon has created a positive atmosphere where women and girls can learn, grow and thrive!

– Connie Wilk #191824

Shannon started playing disc golf during the pandemic. She was instantly obsessed. In July of 2022, she started a twice a week Women’s League at Raptors Knoll where she offers teaching clinics as well. She also leads a weekly Virtual Putting League. She started an Instagram page for her home course, Raptors Knoll where she has almost 700 followers! She’s also a first time Tournament Director for a women only tournament in May, called the Women’s Open at Raptors. She is dedicated and passionate about growing the sport while providing a safe, inclusive, supportive and super fun environment. Shannon has an infectious laugh and smile and is always thinking up fun events like glow nights and cidery visits on top of everything else to gather us all together. She has built an incredible community of awesome women at Raptors and we are all so grateful! 

– Shannon S

I would like to nominate Shannon for all her amazing work starting and growing the women's league at raptors knoll disc golf park. She started the league in Sept 2022 and it's grown into a large community for us ladies to learn and play. She has put her time and own money into getting teachers in for clinics to learn different skills and prizes for CTPs. She also started an online putting league for us ladies. May 13th she is hosting the Women's Open at Raptors, the first held there ever. This woman has single handedly grown disc golf in our community for women of all ages and skill levels to learn and play.

– Tara Peat

Catherine Leach #94703

Pearland, Texas, United States


I am writing to you today to recommend Catherine Leach (PDGA #94703) for her outstanding contributions to the Greater Houston area disc golf community. As Women’s Disc Golf Week approaches, I wanted to take the time to highlight Catherine's impressive work as a pillar in our local scene.

Catherine runs the Southern Birdies club, which is dedicated to promoting disc golf among women and supporting juniors and veterans events in the area. She has organized countless fundraising events and clinics to help local women get into disc golf and has made it her mission to introduce new players to the sport. Catherine's tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed, and she has become an amazing ambassador for the sport in the Houston area.

– Chris “Turbo King” Fennell

Bobbi Kilian Hovey #163815

Windsor, Wisconsin, United States


I’d like to nominate Bobbi Kilian Hovey 163815, home state Wisconsin. She’s full of cheer and perseverance on the course and makes any round fun despite blasting winds or feets of snow falling. I am proud of her ability to continually improve and seek new opportunities to enjoy the sport. 

– Clinton Copple

Andrea Michaud #154160

St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada


Andrea is an inspiration, I met her last time I was home visiting my parents and keep learning more and more about how she has impacted women's disc golf. She starts with offering free introductions to disc golf where she welcomes women to join the women's league she runs. It gives women the chance to earn their first set of discs just by signing the attendance sheet. She's passionate about the events that she runs as a tournament director and while I haven't had a chance to attend one of her tournaments myself the positive press that the tournament in Niagara on the Lake brought to the disc golf scene speaks for itself. The joy she gets from running events is what inspired me to get my TD license and hope to host an event for the WGE next year. 

– Jen Brown

Rose Leonard #197634

Corazal, Belize


Rose is steadily growing the women's Disc golf scene here in Belize.  Every opportunity she has she is talking with people trying to get them out to play.  She just started the Belize Women's Disc Golf group and also recently signed on to Legacy Discs new Phenom Team!

– Chris Leonard

Virginia Polkinghorne #76009

O Fallon, Missouri, United States


Virginia demonstrates a strong commitment to the game and wants to excel at every aspect of the game. Virginia started playing in tournaments at the age of seven and has never stopped winning four Junior World Titles. She is not afraid to play in the mixed divisions with people many years older than her to learn and become a better disc golfer. She enjoys showing new players the game and loves to teach younger people how to play the game participating in clinics with the local parks department and with scouts.

– Gary Polkinghorne

Nikole Coleman #104443

Poulsbo, Washington, United States


I met Nikole in 2020 when I finally became brave enough to join a women’s disc golf league.  She was running a fall league for ladies “so she could practice playing in the rain”.  She made me feel so comfortable and welcome amongst a tight knit group of ladies. I knew we really hit it off when I showed up in my “Respect her game” shirt and she made sure to get a picture of me in it.  She is a huge advocate for women and women in the sport of disc golf.

That same year she started the Washington Women’s Disc Golf Series, which is now known and the Evergreen Women’s Series.  It was the first women’s only tournament series in Washington State. It came at the perfect time with the large influx of players joining disc golf. The series has been a great success is continuing to grow every year.  This year we have 8 tournaments with all female TD’s!  Nikole is running the board of directors of the series, as well as fulfilling the roll of TD in her own tournament, stepping up as Assistant TD in other series tournaments, and hosting fundraising events for the series.  She is also the administrator of the Facebook and Instagram pages for the series (link below).

She is consistently promoting other women in disc golf of these social media pages.  She has also been sharing great educational tools for all of us:  The PDGA rules school, how to put in wind, flight numbers on discs, etc.  She is always promoting the next tournament in the series with lots of information for participants.  She is also a great source of information for TD’s running events.

One of the things I admire the most about Nikole is her love, support and encouragement of her niece, Jordan.  Nikole always says “Auntie life is the best life” and she really shines in the roll of Auntie Nikole.  Jordan is a young player who has been playing most of her life and has great potential.  Nikole practices with her, teaches her, travels with her to tournaments, and sometimes even competes with her.  

Nikole works full time, and does all the above for ladies disc golf and also helps her husband Matt, run a local Disc Golf Shop, 360 Disc Golf.  The shop helps all of the tournaments in the Evergreen Women’s Series with merchandise for prizes and fundraising.

I haven’t even talked about what a great player Nikole is.  It is always a pleasure to play a round with her, casual, league, or tournament.  She is a classy, fun card mate! We have a large group of ladies that play in he age protected division of FA40 and well all secretly have a goal of beating her but we never do!! Her game is too strong and consistent.

I was so lucky to meet Nikole in my disc golf journey, she has been such an inspiration and she is always so encouraging and supportive.  She is a true advocate for women in disc golf. I honestly don’t thing I would of had the courage to become a TD or run a ladies league without watching her her pave the way.

I know the announcement said brief, but she does so much.  Thank you for your time and consideration to recognize Nikole!

– Toni Morgan

Alexis Kerman (aka Shark) #142354

Columbia, Missouri, United States


Alexis and her husband, my son Scott, introduced me to disc golf a couple of years ago. I play as often as I can and I'm not very good, but Alexis is always super encouraging and makes me believe that I can try anything. She has the same attitude towards her own ambitions and is breaking into the pro side of disc golf this year. Even though it has it's ups and downs, she is always going to dust herself off and get right back in there. I'm super proud of her and she makes me want to try to get better too. I wasn't sure when I was looking into entering my first event last year, but I had no doubt after talking to her. She is the most encouraging and thoughtful person and is always building everyone around her up!

You're amazing Alexis! Keep after it!!

– Ellen Hayden

Stephanie Cole #181540

Leadville, Colorado, United States


Not only is she the most fantastic and amazing daughter, mother, partner and sibling - she brings nothing but joy and good to the world we live in.  

I appreciate pretty much everything about her, very hard to narrow it down!  I’m so very grateful to be able to call her my daughter and best friend.

She started playing disc golf at the beginning of covid, along with thousands of others. Her love of the sport was immediate and is evident daily in the way she plays with such passion, inclusiveness and encouragement.  She has encouraged us all to play (which we do) especially her son.  When we first started playing he was an infant, mommy or daddy carried him sleeping in his backpack while playing.  As soon as he started walking he threw discs.  He’s now 3 3/4 (he tells me) and can throw a good 30-40 feet, sometimes accurate and sometimes not.  My guess is he will more than likely become a passionate junior disc golfer because his mom is so in love with him and the sport.

We live in a very high mountain town in Colorado and are lucky enough to have an amazing course 5 minutes from home at the Leadville CMC campus.

Stephanie runs a non profit organization in town and often plays a round at lunchtime, to both practice and feed her soul by playing the sport she loves.

– Peta Cole

Tori Howell #211042

Valley, Alabama, United States


Tori is a staple at all of our club events and is always a positive voice while playing. She is consistently the only woman at tag and league events and a joy to be around. I don't know another woman disc golfer as dedicated as her. Tori absolutely deserves to be recognized during Women's Disc golf week. 

– Warren Adams #145424

Jessica Partridge #226319

Rosharon, Texas, United States


Jessica is upcoming player in the sport.  She is currently helping design a future course in Brazoria County Texas. She is progressing in the sport on bettering her rating.  She is very positive to many that play with her.  She is a great influence on many new females that are now joining the sport.

– Mike Scanlon #226322

I’m currently been in this wonderful sport of disc golf for a year now and have improved so much in my game. I enjoy meeting new people and introducing the sport to new people.

– Jessica Partridge

Alecia Trauscht #88144

Largo, Florida, United States


Alecia is the Founder and Director of the Florida Hummingbird which is a non profit organization whose mission is to promote health and wellness through disc golf.  The WGE events that are run each year rank in the top 1 and 2 events in the world based on size.  The dedication to creating events for all skill levels at a reasonable price point, if not free, is commendable. Most of the information can be found at  

What I appreciate most is the inclusiveness and the support of women as a network in Florida. Disc golf in Florida would not be the same without her.

– Linda Ray

Kath Hedley #196342

Wellington, New Zealand


Kath is incredibly encouraging, supportive and fun. She is very humble and always celebrates others successes and accomplishments. She always puts her hand up to help but she never looks for any recognition so I feel she deserves some. I always hope to be on her card as she creates a supportive and inclusive environment and everyone has a lot of fun. She is an all around good person :)

– Eilish Cummack

Kristy Shields #99866

Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada


Kristy has been a welcoming and appreciative part of Women’s Disc Golf.  She is inspiring and enthusiastic.

I met Kristy about six years ago when I started disc golf; I wasn’t really into the sport then, I just had fun going out, walking around, and throwing a disc into a basket.  

I played in my first tournament with her and she was really encouraging toward everyone. 

She always has a smile on her face.  

I remember how she played then and how advanced she is today. 

Our WGE in Cranbrook is the funnest tournament to play in and I believe it is because of Kristy’s dedication and love of the sport, that makes it so enjoyable. 

She is a fantastic TD and is always there for all players.  Kristy has made my love of disc golf grow from her passion.

– Jenn Severs #190912

Shaley Furlow #250185

Lufkin, Texas, United States


I am writing to share the inspiring story of Shaley, a talented athlete who deserves recognition for her outstanding performance and dedication.

As a female competitor in a predominantly male sport, Shaley sets an example for all young ladies, women, and men who love the game. Despite being only 13 years old, she fearlessly competes in local minis and tournaments, a majority of the time facing much older opponents, vastly male. And not only does she participate, she excels, impressing everyone with her skills and dedication.

Shaley is more than just a skilled athlete. She is also a wonderful role model for her siblings, as the second oldest of seven children. Her passion for the sport, hard work, and determination have earned her respect from her family, peers, and the local disc golf community.

Also, I would like to add that Shaley's passion for the sport has led her to obtain a PDGA # this year. She is eager to sign up for sanctioned tournaments in the near future and continue to push herself to new heights. Keep an eye out for this lovely lady, as she is a fantastic example of what a young female competitor should be: fierce, joyful, fun-spirited, and always seeking to be a part of and grow the sport of disc golf.

– Ty Furlow #34934

Alx Stewart #130027

Dickson, Tennessee, United States


Alx has been a great friend over the past year I have known her,  and is always willing to help others, whether it has to do with disc golf or not!

I was the only female in the FA4 division during a tournament in the summer of 2022 and they didn't have a trophy for me. She felt so bad that she went home and created a trophy box for me. Attached are photos of us when she presented me with that trophy. 

It was such a lovely, thoughtful gesture for someone she barely knew! I'm grateful for her friendship and her love of the game!! 

I hope you can find a way to highlight this amazing young woman!

– Adrienne Vergos #193028

Natalie Ryan #114560

Powhatan, Virginia, United States


I want to answer the call you mailed out, and nominate Natalie Ryan, PDGA #114560, for recognition during Women's Disc Golf Week.
I appreciate how she keeps pushing for trans* presence and visibility in the sport, which I am convinced makes disc golf a safer and more welcoming community not only for trans* people, but for everyone.

– Yoz Ben #251304

Gail P. Lynch #68980

Crib Point / Vic, Australia


I would like to nominate Gail P. Lynch for her contribution to disc golf in Melbourne Australia, and more generally throughout Australia. She is a member of the Australia Disc Golf Hall of Fame having been inducted in 2018 and the current Secretary of Melbourne Disc Golf Club.

The reason that I would like to nominate Gail is that she continues to work tirelessly towards the development and expansion of women and juniors engagement in disc golf. She leads by example, and inspires those around her with her energy, enthusiasm and willingness to pitch in no matter what the purpose.

In 2022 Gail was one of the driving forces that gained government funding for the establishment of a Women’s Social Day series that was conducted throughout the year, and brought a diverse range of newcomers to disc golf. New female members were also given introductory packs that contained customised discs and tshirt. She has managed to align the pursuit of disc golf with several broader government initiatives that encourage female participation in sport, such as ‘Change our Game’ and ‘This Girl Can…’ 

Importantly Gail is still actively playing when she can, scoring a 738 rated event for last year’s WGE placing her 4th globally.

Personally, Gail is an inspiration and role model for my own involvement, and I have outlined but a small part of her longstanding contribution to Women’s disc golf.

– Anthony Pearsall #149860

Jerrica Clinkenbeard #155626

Rockford, Illinois, United States


Jerrica put together an event this year called The Machine, she worked very hard to make special discs, invite celebrities, and make a special layout for the big event.  She had a lot of donated prizes for the raffle and she raised 3700 for our local club the Rockford Disc Golf Club.  Jerrica has only been playing about 3 years and she is a wonderful presence at the park.  We have a lack of women disc golfers  as in most parks, but she brought ladies from all over the state to play who she has met in the past few years.  It was cold and rainy but we all had a great time.  She had tears of joy several times that day because she was so grateful and honored to put together such a great event.

– Amy Heilman

Jennifer Castro #151470

Tullahoma, Tennessee, United States

Jennifer is such a beautiful and bright person she is someone who I truly admire in every single way  I am brand new to disc golf and she took me right under her wing to show me the way she goes above and beyond for our disc golfers and new comers here is an example of her going above and beyond 

On Jan the 9th of this year I lost my mother and I truly didn’t won’t anything at all to do with the world but she kept reaching out and reminding me I had a friend and she even donated a bag and a ton of disc to me and that helped me a lot and made me actually wanna okay because I had my own stuff thanks to her she a true inspiration and I’ll forever be thankful God allowed such a wonderful person come in my life I look up to her and her confidence and her boldness she a boss lady for sure.

– Kelsey Mayes #255100

Emilie Cameron #37254

Mayfield / Nsw, Australia


I am an Australian-based disc golfer and I wish to nominate Emilie Cameron PDGA #37254 for recognition during this year's Women in Disc Golf Week.

Emilie is the current Secretary of the Australian Disc Golf (ADG) Board, where she has overseen and provided guidance during the recent periods of massive growth of Disc Golf in Australia. Emilie has been on the board for many years and been a constant, positive and inclusive leader.

Emillie is a wonderful and trusted mentor for women right across the country, who all feel comfortable contacting Em if they have any question on matters disc golf and particular around ideas for engagement of women and girls in the sport. Emilie's encouragement and support has lifted the profile of women playing DG in Australia through championing such initiatives as the Women's Global Event and the annual Aussie Disc Golf Day. The knowledge and experience that she has shared has enabled women across Australia to confidently become Tournament Directors and continue the positive growth of our great sport.

– Sharon Costa #114306

Krissie Fountain #73693

Bastrop, Texas, United States


Krissie is a strong presence in our disc golf community. She doesn't mess around when it comes to dotting her i's and crossing her t's. She is honest, fair, kind, intelligent, a hard worker, and she cares about the common human. 

She is formally in charge of setting up the Wildflower Tour, an all women's tour in Austin and surrounding areas. She corresponds with the Parks Department, the Tournament Directors, and her employer (Mint Discs) to make the tour run smoothly. I don't think it would have gotten off of the ground like it did without her presence. 

She has a sanctioned, ongoing C-Tier Flex, that she runs every Friday around the community without fail (Fuego Friday). She makes sure to spread her tournaments around to draw attention to all of the superb courses in our area. This helps us in our disc golf community tremendously. She communicates with the parks department in a respectful manner, and treats the courses just the same. She makes us look good. 

Krissie has also run multiple ladies leagues in our area for years, always making it fun and light hearted. 

I could go on about what an awesome person Krissie is and the feats she's overcome for us in Disc Golf, but I feel like you should just talk to her yourself. 

– Erin Reynolds

Shayna Schuermann #148441

Lake Stevens, Washington, United States


Shayna's patience, knowledge, and ability to teach enables her to be incredible at growing the sport in western Washington. She is loved in our community by newcomers as well as pros. Thank you Shayna for being a leader, advocate and friend. 

– Corey GerberDolan

Sara Nicholson #33589

Rock Hill, South Carolina, United States


Sara is such an inspiration to all. She is the founder/CEO of Throw Pink. I admire all the hard work, dedication and passion she has put into encouraging women to play disc golf. I was very blessed to have gotten an interview for the Throw Pink team after 10 mths of playing disc golf. During my interview for the Throw Pink team, I immediately new she was an amazing human and lovable person. She is so easy to talk too and such an inspiration to all that she has crossed paths with and I couldn’t be more happy to call her a great friend. 

With love, 
Christy Acton

Debbie Polkinghorne #47513

O Fallon, Missouri, United States


Debbie is always shouting the virtues of disc golf to everyone she meets. On the course, in the park, or with anyone, she is always trying to persuade them to try disc golf, especially women. Debbie started an annual women’s only tournament in the St. Louis/St. Charles area, the “Lou Ladies Challenge” which is part of the Women’s Heartland Series. Debbie is a great representative of disc golf encouraging young and old to try our wonderful sport.

– Gary Polkinghorne

Madison Rogers #232904

Philipsburg, Pennsylvania, United States


Madison is new to the sport and spent the winter learning to play showing that when most players stay indoors strong women are out playing in the snow and cold. I appreciate her eagerness and determination to grow and gain new skills with the goal of winning a FA3 Division in Sanctioned Tournament by the closing of the 2023 season. 

– John Rogers III #232899

Carrie Bond #253534

Rapid City, South Dakota, United States


Carrie has significantly impacted the sport here in the Black Hills of South Dakota. She was a founding member of the Flybrarians disc golf group and has always strived to be as inclusive as possible - if they want to throw, she is going to make it happen. Playing in Blizzards in the winter and triple digit heat in the summer, she'll be there. She has introduced the sport to many, many folks that otherwise wouldn't have played. She's the Marketing and Fundraising Manager on the BHDGC Board - and has found new and creative ways to bring our sport to the public - via Kids Fairs, Farmers Markets, Downtown Art Nights. As an organizer, she has directed several beginner-friendly doubles tournaments (with special rules), and she is one of the founders of our new Ladies Flight Club league. Carrie has single-handedly jumpstarted the growth and participation in women's disc golf here in South Dakota!

– Jake Servaty #186954

Amy Vrana #66148

Rapid City, South Dakota, United States


Amy has been a pillar in the Black Hills disc golf community since 2014, including spending time on the board for our local club (BHDGC), participating in 91 career events, and scoring 25+ career aces! She is a very skilled FPO player, racking up 50 career wins, and spending time on the Disc Golf Pro Tour. She's a source of inspiration to not only the young girls of the area, but to our entire community. She is very inclusive and approachable and is always willing to take other ladies under her wing, whether that be through clinics, practice rounds or just through tips and advice. Her passion and love for life spread to all on the course, whether they be her card-mates or passersby. You can usually find her out on the course with her disc doggo, Rio, perfecting her game.

– Theo Seeley #100559

Jennifer Williams-Curl #252398

Box Elder, South Carolina, United States

Jennifer leaped into the disc golf life with both feet, and hasn't looked back once.  Hardly a day goes by when you can't find her on one the local/regional courses, husband and son in tow.  She is an excellent ambassador for disc golf wherever she goes, sharing her love of the game, encouraging new players, and cheering on everyone around her.  She is one of the founders of our brand new ladies league, and the first to volunteer her time and energy wherever it can be of service - taking on running a tournament as well as meeting and greeting the public for club outreach.  Her attitude and dedication to improving her game has landed her spots on Team Crushmore and Team Goliath, and her game shows no signs of slowing down.  

In her own words, she "never expected to find so much love, friendship and challenge in a simple basket and some plastic, but man, disc golf has changed our lives."  Disc golf in Rapid CIty wouldn't be the same without her, and we are lucky to have her as part of the Black Hills Disc Golf Club.

– Carrie Bond

Alison Tweedie #206323

Invercargill, New Zealand


Alison is a 12 year girl who loves Disc Golf, she has moved up from juniors into FA1.

She is now getting involved with encouraging more young girls to play the sport by going to the local primary schools in Invercargill NZ and doing some Demos and activities.

– Marené Tweedie

Cascade (Cassie) Reif Matoney #123310

Amherst, Massachusetts, United States


Cassie is 11 years old. She won the FJ08 US Junior Disc Golf Championships in 2019. She played in her first tournament when she was 5 years old and has now played in close to 10 tournaments, winning virtually all of them, including FJ08 New England Junior Championships in 2019 and FJ12 Connecticut Junior Championships in 2022. She has volunteered at the MVP Open for the past 6 years and before that traveled 4 hours up to Maine to volunteer at the USWDGC in 2016. She loves spotting for the pros -- her favorites are Paige Pierce and Val Jenkins (and she's on a first-name basis with both of them).

Cassie is incredibly passionate about our sport as well as promoting health and inclusion in disc golf. She wrote an email to the PDGA to encourage them to ban smoking at kids' disc golf tournaments. She cares deeply about helping more girls and women discover our sport. Here in New England, not many women play disc golf. Two weekends ago, Cassie played in a tournament with 145 men, 5 women, and only one kid -- CASSIE!! It takes guts to be the only kid at a tournament, and it takes even more guts to be a girl at a tournament where 98% of the players are men. Cassie always displays tremendous spirit toward her competitors, taking competitions seriously while still having LOTS of fun. She has played in one tournament this year and plans to play in at least 4 more (including a Women's Disc Golf Week tournament on Saturday in Connecticut). She is on an upward trajectory with regards to her skill and engagement in disc golf. I feel she is very worthy of this recognition.

– Gabriel Reif

Torin Bright #259045

Glen Daniel, West Virginia, United States


Torin may only be 5 years old, but she has been playing disc golf her whole life, and it is such an inspiration to observe her love of this sport grow with every day. Torin's journey began when she was still in my belly as I played throughout my pregnancy, and then continued with her first outing as an infant to Searight Disc Golf Course in Austin, TX. Torin started carrying her own disc as soon as she was able, and began throwing it not long after! She has traveled with us as we played courses across Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, and now West Virginia. Watching Torin develop her style over the past couple of years has been such a joy, and she has recently honed in on her putting- I'm convinced she's going to out-putt me soon! She is always so excited to come home from school every day so she can race back outside with her discs, and hit those birdies! Torin also loves to help teach her little sister on her form, and to throw her discs. Torin makes it known to everyone she meets that she is going to be a Professional Disc Golfer, and I for one cannot wait to see that goal come to fruition!

– Morgan Bright #259043

Callie Paige #233740

Lakewood, Colorado, United States


This is Callie Paige and she is a true gem. She is so friendly, inclusive and passionate about the sport. Her positive attitude always has a way of pulling me out of a mental funk. I love playing tournaments with her for that reason! But alas, she’s so talented that now we play in a different division! I’m so grateful she’s in my life!!

– Kelly Ahlers

Joyce Sauer #226347

Rapid City, South Dakota, United States


Joyce is a member of the Black Hills Disc Golf Club, and is a strong presence on our local  and regional courses.  She's played all over the US, trying out all sorts of new courses on her varied travels.  Her supportive attitude and encouraging outlook make her a welcome addition to any card, a friendly face at league nights, and she's always up for trading tips and tricks to push her (and your) game even further.  She routinely places and outright wins her division in our local tournaments come rain or snow; and shows all the kids that disc golf is for *everyone* no matter the number of candles on your birthday cake.  We are absolutely fortunate to have her as a part of our disc golf community.

– Carrie Bond

Lauren Philpott #230341

Lakewood, Colorado, United States


She is such a cool cat. Her angle control is sensational when it comes to driving off the tee. Not only that but she is a friendly delight to play with and makes friends with all.  

– Kelly Ahlers

Jordyn Isner #244220

Castle Rock, Colorado, United States


Her and I don’t get to play together often, but she has a great attitude that always makes me smile. Not to mention her wicked awesome forehand and epic throw ins make her a rad person to play with!

– Kelly Ahlers

Jazz Bennett #178996

Rapid City, South Dakota, United States


Jazz encourages every player to do their best. You can see her on the course celebrating the great shots with her card. She always has a word of encouragement or a listening ear for others. At my first night of league, she found the silver linings in my shots even as I was discouraged. A few weeks later, she saw me playing again and was the first to cheer on my progress and tell me to keep on throwing. In the area, she's known for cheering "THAT'S MY FRIEND!" during awards. She's the brain behind starting a ladies' league, even though she never takes the credit. 

– Jennifer Williams-Curl

Helen Kostoff #162340

Pittsburg, California, United States


Helen on left in the pink hat

I met Helen at my first tournament in 2022 (WGE Pancake Plunge in Vacaville CA) and liked her immediately! 

She is welcoming to new players, encouraging & generous with knowledge, gracious & graceful, consistently award-winning, known by everyone around SF area, and really fun to play a round of disc golf with.

She is a natural athlete (disc golf, softball & roller derby) & a wonderful leader. She inspires women, especially older players such as myself, to keep playing disc golf, keep improving, and to sign up for the next Women’s tourney & seeya there. I’d love to recognize  her and how she helps grow the sport!

– Roxane Landaker #199349 

Paulina Ciolko #117613

Guelph, Ontario, Canada


She is an incredible lady who is a leader in Women's disc golf in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.  She has created and runs a weekly Ladies league among her other involvements in the city’s club, and is so welcoming and encouraging for all players. Her enthusiasm for the sport and helping others learn the game is inspiring and her energy is one you want to be around. On top of all that, she’s a talented disc golf player. 

Local news article that features Paulina

– Julie Goodwin

Nicole DeVaney #178919

Carrollton, Texas, United States


Nicole embodies a champion spirit like no other! She has been through so much, not only in the past year and a half, but throughout her entire life.

Disc golf has been such an escape from her trauma as well as a healer both physically and mentally. She recently just started tournaments for the first time and is already 5 out of 6 1st place wins in her division and is competing in the 8th Annual Miss McKinney this Saturday! Nicole is also deeply involved as a volunteer graphic designer for the Breast Cancer Association here in Dallas and works in Uptown as a graphic designer/creative director for the MedSpa Vitalyc. She works so hard at making all women feel cherished and beautiful every single day. I truly believe she deserves to be recognized this week during your inaugural event! 

– Blake Clawson

Sandra Nguyen #191091

Sandra loves promoting disc golf to everyone, especially women and moms! She helped kick off a Weekly Women's League in Atlanta to get ladies of all skill levels to come out and play. The Peachy Disc Golf YouTube channel showcases her tournaments in hopes to inspire more women to compete. She also represents Full Blast Disc Golf, a local Atlanta disc golf shop. Thanks for all you do, Sandra!

– Tin Nguyen #191092

Crystal Putek #119674


Disc golf has become her passion in life since she started playing casual golf ten years ago. She now organizes and runs a ladies tag league for the state of Maine with the goal of getting more women into disc golf and competitive play. She also operates the Maine Players Tour which is a series of 19 events played at courses throughout the state that culminates in a two day championship in the fall. Crystal has become a beloved member of the disc golf community and the community itself is a better place with her in it. She truly lives her life by the motto, “Grow the Sport.”

– Robert Putek #106212

Anne Reese #126411

Horsham, Pennsylvania, United States


Well, she's the *BEST LADY EVER! A true ambassador for the sport, Anne makes every woman of any age and ability feel like the Queen of the course. She is personable, kind, funny, and fun as hell to play with. She truly makes every person smile and creates community. 
Anne organizes, attends, and/or donates to just about every event in the Philadelphia area. And she promotes league events, tournaments, people, and everything disc golf related on social media with the hashtag #BestDayEver 
I'm sure I'm missing some of her badass credentials, but here's what I know: 

  • Member of Throw Pink - Team Inspire 
  • Member of the Board of Directors for the Friends of Sedgley Woods, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organized to oversee the maintenance and daily operations of the Sedgley Woods Disc Golf Course located in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia PA.
  • PDGA Committee Member - Women's Committee

From the moment I started playing disc golf in the Philadelphia area, every person I met said, "You gotta meet Miss Anne." And I'm so happy I did. Please consider recognizing her during the PDGA Women's Disc Golf Week.

– Molly Messana #219910

Olivia Qyan Ying Tan #255232 

Ulu Tiram / Johor, Malaysia


The reason I have chosen to nominate 9-year-old Olivia Qyan Ying Tan is NOT due to her being the youngest competitive player in the entire country, but due to her resilience and passion for this sport. 

She was spectating at a PDGA Event last year and she heard the female tournament director speaking about hoping to attract more women to the sport.  Shortly after she went from being a casual player to wanting to compete in PDGA Sanctioned events in order to help bring up the female representatives numbers.  The only problem was she needed to compete against players much older than her as the community for children and women is not so developed here in Malaysia. However, she never let this disadvantage discourage her and she stuck to her game.  Finally, after a few tournaments, she decided to get a PDGA membership and begin the journey to build her rating to see how she improves over time. Her first official event was a large C-Tier event that brought in the best players from all across SE Asia.  She was placed on a mixed card for round 1 in that event that had (MPO, MA1, and FPO) players and she never batted an eye.  Not many newer players of any age or gender could deal with that type of pressure for their first official-rated round, let alone a 9-year-old girl, but Olivia embraced it.  The day after the tournament finished, she was the first player to register for the sanctioned PDGA league that was to start one month later.   

– Eric Grover #115447, country coordinator of Malaysia

Jen Trombley #98255

Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States

Jen has been fundamental in fostering and growing women's disc golf in the SouthEast Michigan area. She founded Grit and Grace Ladies Disc Golf League which has over 500 facebook members and has had 40 league attendees this year. She has also run free women/children's disc golf clinics as a way of promoting the sport.  She was tournament director for one of the Michigan Woman's Series Tournaments last year, "Woman Wander Ponder" and will be running "Woman Strolling Rolling" this year. We appreciate her dedication towards growing the sport!

– Ann Zuzuly

Carry Ballou #112346

Farmington Hills, Michigan, United States

Caryn's passion for growing the support is matched by her passion for helping the environment.  This year, she co-founded Detroit Discin' Divas, a beginner friendly women's Disc Golf League.  She has also run free women/children's disc golf clinics as a way of promoting the sport. On the environmental side, she has organized course clean-ups to prevent invasive species from overtaking local courses. She also regularly cleans up the courses during both casual and league play and inspires those around her to do the same.

– Ann Zuzuly

Kelly Ahlers #202801

Wheat Ridge, Colorado, United States


I first met Kelly a year ago through the Mile High Ladies League and we have continued to play together in tournaments and casual rounds. Kelly is such an inspiration for me to try new shots or styles and continue improving, no matter what. She brings excellent energy to every round she plays and stands up for women players every time you see her on or off the course.

– Lauren Philpott