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PDGA Radio Episode 38: Player/Sponsor News, 2018 'Awards'

The offseason is off and running, and we’re getting caught up here on PDGA Radio. First, Steve and Sara look at the news that Paul McBeth and Innova Discs are parting ways and what impact that might have on disc golf as a whole (9:10) before discussing Simon Lizotte’s five-year extension with Discmania and how that compares to more mainstream sports (21:05). Robert Leonard gives us a season recap Rules Break (28:00), then Steve and Sara cover the weekend’s hot rounds (33:30).

After that, it’s time for the very (un)official PDGA Radio Awards, where the hosts bestow glorious titles like:

  • Breakout Player of the Year (38:55)
  • Player You’d Most Like to Share a Card With (42:05)
  • Best Social Media Follow (43:27)
  • Most Fashionable Player (45:20)
  • Most Modest (49:00)
  • Most Underrated Player (51:10)
  • Top 3 Shots of the Year (57:20)
  • Player of the Year (59:25)

Later, Steve talks with Jacob Byrd about the upcoming Campership Classic (1:02:50), a charity tournament in North Carolina (donate at before the hosts wrap up the show.

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