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PDGA Radio Episode 107: Madison Walker

Madison Walker joins this week's episode of PDGA Radio. Photo: Alyssa Van Lanen

Steve and Sara discuss the PDGA’s statement on BIPOC outreach (2:20) and why they think some disc golf stakeholders are hesitant to address social unrest (6:10) on this week’s episode of PDGA Radio. From there, they move on to news about the reborn Women’s National Disc Golf Championship (15:20) and then welcome Madison Walker to chat about coming back from injury, using her social media presence for good, and how tour life might change amid the pandemic (19:45). After a quick spin through the 17 PDGA Board of Directors candidates (1:01:10), the hosts close the show with another installment of Run It or Lay Up, featuring chatter on a possible Drew Gibson world title and 19-under-par scores (1:04:30).

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I am not a racist! I am happy to welcome ANYONE who wants to play or join. But if I have to bend over backwards and jump through hoops to prove it simply because I’m white that’s where you loose me.

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