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Masters of the Sport

We are thrilled to introduce the PDGA Global Masters Series, a year-long, worldwide competition in the 26 age-based divisions offered by the PDGA!

The PDGA Global Masters Series is a disc golf competition series for PDGA members ages 40 or older, of all skill levels and genders. The year-long series will count the top eight round ratings from every eligible member in PDGA sanctioned events worldwide that are a C-Tier or higher.

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That means you can compete with players from around the world just by playing your local events!

If you are a current PDGA member born in 1983 or earlier, you will be listed in the Global Masters leaderboard according to your age, gender, and classification.

Players are ranked on leaderboards which are designated by gender and age bracket. Players are listed according to the leaderboard that most closely applies to their age and gender. For example, if you are a professional-class player who is eligible for gender-based divisions, age 57, you would be listed on the "Pro Women 55-59" leaderboard.

All leaderboards will be live on on February 1!

By default, PDGA member profiles are set to public, so you will be included in the Global Masters Series automatically. You may choose to opt out of the Global Masters Series at any time by contacting the PDGA at [email protected].

Good luck out on the course this year!


Submitted by DLawton on

You might want to look at the average rating for male Masters, Grand Masters and S. Grand Masters in Japan. Their round ratings are on average at least 20 to 30 points higher than the rest of the world. Japan's domestic ratings have gradually morphed into the realm of unbelievable. If you were to include Japan in this they would have quite the advantage... especially if this is based mainly on ratings.

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