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Looking for an internship? Look no further!

The PDGA is looking for a summer intern to fulfill school credit hours. Students pursuing a degree in sports management, business, recreation management or other related fields are encouraged to apply. The internship program represents a full-time opportunity (minimum of 40 hours per week) for conscientious students to have the best twelve-week (at a minimum) experience of their academic careers. It is a culmination of course work, prior field experience, and personal aspirations into direct application under the supervision of employees of the PDGA. The internship will not be a paid one; however a stipend will be included to help afford housing costs throughout the duration of the internship. The selected individual will perform a number of tasks, including (but not limited to):

Assist the PDGA International Disc Golf Center Manager with:

  • Management and maintenance of the IDGC competition and training facility
  • Management of the IDGC Pro Shop
  • Management and maintenance of the IDGC clubhouse and tournament pavilion
  • Provide hospitality and assistance to visitors
  • Hosting and managing tournaments and other events

Assist the PDGA Tour Manager with:

  • Internal processing of tournament reports and results.
  • Organizing, updating, and improving tour related documents.
  • Handling and resolving individual tournament issues in a timely, professional and courteous  manner.
  • Representing the PDGA on site at some of the organization’s top events
  • Managing the Tour schedule, distribution of event planning and reporting packages

Assist the PDGA Events Manager with:

  • Support of PDGA sanctioned events
  • Event support
  • PDGA branding assets
  • Event press releases
  • Tour trailer management
  • Communication with Event Directors

Assist the PDGA Memberships Manager with:

  • Internal processing of weekly membership batches
  • Organizing, updating, and improving membership documents
  • Addressing individual member issues in a timely, professional and courteous manner
  • Coordination of membership packages and benefits with the PDGA fulfillment warehouse
  • Coordination of information and content for DiscGolfer Magazine

Assist the PDGA Office Manager with:

  • Handling telephone inquiries from members and tournament directors
  • Coordination of event insurance certificates with the insurance company
  • Processing of tournament reports and fees
  • Other duties and assistance as needed

This internship provides an opportunity to grow academically, as well as promote the growth of disc golf and employ the goals and objectives of the Professional Disc Golf Association. All interested individuals please send a resume, school internship requirements, a personal bio and a request for temporary employment to IDGC Manager, Zach Shafer at [email protected]