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When Leaf Trading Card Company began their Legends of the Sport and Pop Century card series, they had included several of the iconic sports figures that we are used to seeing on the news, sportscasts, and ESPN. Bob Pressley of Disc Caddie Golf saw this as an opportunity to promote the sport of disc golf, so he contacted Leaf, requesting the presence of a legend of the sport we know and love, disc golf.   As suspected, they all asked what disc golf was.  After sending a small packet of materials and the PDGA disc golf video, he was able to get them to agree.

Ken Climo (PDGA #4297) was introduced to the trading card world when the first run of cards came out last year.  The newest version was just released this January which also includes a piece of the shirt that he wore during the final round of his 2006 World Championship victory.  This most recent set, Legends of Sport and Pop Century, includes others such as; Joe Montana, Nolan Ryan, Jack Nicklaus, Cal Ripken, Barry Sanders...the list goes on and on.

Since Ken’s career began over 20 years ago, he has gathered the reputation of being one of the fiercest competitors in any sport.  Named seven times as the PDGA player of the year, Ken Climo was inducted into the PDGA Hall of Fame in 1995. In his career he has won over 200 tournaments and leads the lifetime PDGA money list.

These cards are VERY limited as each one includes a piece of history; a small cutout of the shirt Climo was wearing when he won his 2006 World Championship. This was his 12th Open Championship making him the most decorated player in the sport of disc golf.  So make way, post haste, to your nearest trading card distributor, and pick up a set of Leaf Trading Cards Legends of the Sport and Pop Century card series.  You might get lucky and score “The Champ’s” trading card!