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Global DG Tournament

What if you could play with everyone in your division in the world... at the same time?

Mark your calendar for the weekend of August 19-21, 2011. The first ever PDGA Global Disc Golf Tournament (GDGT) will hopefully have an event in your area so you can participate. Players will simultaneously compete with players in their division at their local event AND against players in their division at other global events being run that weekend around the world.

How does this work? Players will play three 18-hole rounds on the same course that weekend. The three round ratings you earn will be added to determine your global score. Players in each division can win cash or prizes in their local event, and those doing well may also cash in the global competition. For this first event, only 30-50% of your entry fee goes toward the global payout with 50-70% going toward your local event payout plus the added cash for a B-tier in North America.

You'll hear more about this GDGT as more details get developed. But for now, we wanted to let Country and State Coordinators plus potential TDs know that this event was locked in for August 19-21 as they plan their 2011 schedules. We hope every event that weekend will join this inaugural GDGT. Who knows? The number of events could set a new weekend record. Contact Chuck Kennedy at: [email protected] if you are a Country or State Coordinator or TD who would like more information on hosting this new type of event.

We're planning a GDGT web page to let players know where events will be hosted and keep everyone posted on new information as this event comes together. It's the weekend after Pro Worlds. Pros may be traveling across the country on their way to the Pittsburgh NT scheduled a week after the GDGT. So you might get a top pro playing your event and maybe some International players will stay a little longer to play in the U.S. before heading home.

The North American events must be sanctioned preferably as B-tiers, with C-tiers (or B-tiers) being acceptable outside North America. The courses used must have SSA values in the 48-54 range. About 3/4 of all courses in the world can be set for an SSA in this range. So it's likely there are courses in your area that will be suitable.

All Pro divisions will be offered. For this first event, only Advanced (men & women), Advanced Masters (men) and Intermediate (men) divisions will be offered partly because everyone has to play a longer layout. Lower division players are welcome to play up and enter these divisions if they wish to play in this inaugural event. But you might want to wait. The plan is to host a variety of global events targeting all of our other PDGA divisions such as Juniors, Seniors and lower division Ams once we get through this first test event. Everyone's division will be offered as soon as the schedule allows. We see this approach as part of our future to allow more people to compete together even if it's partly aided by the Internet.

That's it for now. If you are as excited as we are about this new virtual frontier for disc golf events, talk it up with the movers and shakers in your area. Figure out the best course for your local event to join this global gathering and contact us at: [email protected] for more information.

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