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German Disc Golf Championship in Eberswalde

First European, now German Champion: Simon Lizotte

The German disc golf summer came to a close September 22nd and 23rd when the city of Eberswalde (some 20 miles northeast of Berlin) hosted the German Disc Golf Championship 2012. No surprises, though. After winning this year's European Championship at Colchester, England, 19-year-old Simon Lizotte from Bremen also dominated this competition. Still, guest participant Jussi Meresmaa (pictured) from Finland made Simon do his best; like in the finals on 613-ft-long hole six where he scored an amazing eagle, just to be one throw behind in the final outcome. The second-best German player in Open Division was Torsten Baus, Robert Chris Delisle took third place. 

In other divisions, Susann Fischer won the Women's Division against Nora Wrobel (2nd) and Tanja Hoell (3rd). A close match was Master's Division where Michael Kobella triumphed over Frank Buchholz (2nd) and Klaus Kattwinkel (3rd). George Braun took first place in Grandmaster's Division, “Grampa” Willy Leiferman won in Legend's Division. The title in Junior's Division was taken by Kevin Konsorr.  

A plenty of details made this tournament enjoyable for everyone, even those disc golf addicts who couldn't make it: Innova's live scoring system made results instantaneously visible on the championship's website. The course was in part technical, but some new holes favored big-armed players as well. Local sculptor Eckhard Hermann had designed unique trophies drawing on Eberswalde's history as a city of industry.