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PDGA Europe Committees

PDGA Europe – together with the EDGF – is dependent on the work performed by it's Committees. These Committees are composed of people with particular talents and skill sets in fields where the Board of Director members might be lacking. To facilitate effective governing, these Committees are delegated with overseeing specific topics and tasks. Whether it concerns setting standards for future competitions, dealing with disciplinary cases, the growth of the sport, and so on and so forth.

Below, you can find a list of the active Committees, how to contact them (E-mails sent to a committee will be delivered to the Committee’s Chair), and who its members are:

Euro Tour

  • Email: tourmanager [at]
  • Chair: Matěj Verl, #115072, CZ


  • Silver Lätt, #61186,E
  • Dominik Stampfer, #35089, DE
  • Tony Ferro, #33551, SUI
  • Kristin Tattar, #73986, E
  • Mehdi Boukarabila, #69452, FR


  • Email: disciplinary [at]
  • PDGA Europe BoD Liaison: Kajsa Wickström, #57521, FI
  • Chair: Ville Kotamäki, #8947, FI


  • Haukur Árnason, #8800, #74392, IS
  • Tapani Aulu, #44389, FI
  • Peter Bygde, #8558, SE
  • Frank Hellstern, #3723, DE
  • Katka Bodová, #61990, SK


  • Email: women [at]
  • Chair: Katka Boďová, #61990, SK


  • Erin Oakley, #17643, US
  • Danica Pajtak, #62432, HR
  • Kajsa Wickström, #57521, FI *
  • Emily Wilsdon, #73489, GB

* = PDGA Europe Board of Directors member