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Euro DGCs Wrap-Up

In Pas-de-Calais, France, the shooting is over, the players sont en route chez eux, and the staff are in afterglow mode.

You can find all the results at this link: . And here is a final set of photos of the event Champions, courtesy of Monsieur Bruno Nono:

Lundmark ECs

Open: Jesper Lundmark, Sweden

Camilla Jernberg ECS

Women: Camilla Jernberg, Sweden

Seppo Paju ECs

Juniors: Seppo Paju, Finland

Lehousse ECs

Masters: Marco Lehousse, Belgium

Paul Francz ECs

Grandmasters: Paul Francz, Switzerland

Bob Mohl ECs

Senior GMs: Bob Mohl, France

All in all its been a fabulous week of competition and collaboration entre les disc golfers francais et le FNSMR. Alors, maintenant c'est l'heure de vous dire au revoir de la France. We will see you again in 2 years at the 2012 Euro DGCs. Salut!

ECs Outro