Apr 16 2013, 12:46 PM
As the PDGA state coordinator, I have the responsibility of selecting a representative to represent Ohio at the USDGC in the Performance Flight side of the event.
This year I have chosen to give the spot to the highest finisher(Performance based) at the Westside Challenge on July 6th. Everyone will play the same tees at this event, allowing everyone who has aspirations of playing in the USDGC a shot at it. Scores will be ran through the performance based formula and a winner will be chosen.
In the event of ties, I will have a tie breaker in place and if the #1 finisher cannot attend, I will go down the list until we get to someone who can attend.
Since the player will be representing Ohio, the spot will only be available to Ohio residents this year.
For more information on the USDGC and qualifying requirements go to:
Any questions feel free to contact me at 614.203.0995 or [email protected]
Paul Jay- Ohio PDGA state coordinator