Nov 11 2011, 07:56 PM
I've had too many people ask me about this event not to put it on a local thread.

This will probably be your last chance to experience this event.

From my brother Jerry Power:

To one and all, first I want to thank all the players that have been asking if there is to be a PWO this year. The answer is yes, however......

First of all, the event is being scaled back to a B-Tier. The main reason is because I waited so long to set this up that it will not have the time an A Tier should have before the event. The second reason is that for the past two years this has been two events at one time, a B Tier for the Intermediate and Rec and and an A Tier for the Advanced and Pro divisions. This requires twice the paper work and almost twice the cost for the TD. I do apologize for those of you that wanted to finish the year with an A Tier, but I had touring pro after touring pro tell me they would not make it because they were ready to head home for the holidays.

Second, this will more than likely be my last tournament. I respect the TD's that manage to run an event year after year, but for those of you that have never run one, the work is grueling and takes away from your family life. I never started this to make money, I did it for the joy of the tournament and to benefit several of my favorite charities. After years of seeing how tournaments should be run and then helping with other tournaments, I had some ideas on how one should be done. From the responses I have had, my format was well received by just about everyone. I believe an event should start on time, PERIOD. If a time is posted, that is when the rules/round/payout should occur. Players that want to register late should not be allowed to hold all the pre-registered players hostage. They just don't get into the event. I have turned players away and strongly feel all TD's should. But that is just me.

This year pre-registeration will be on and I will try to get this up before the end of the week. Read this carefully and share with others, THERE WILL BE NO REGISTERATION on Saturday morning. You will either pre-register on, fill in a registeration form and pay before the event or you can pre-register on Friday, December 9 at the park, until 6:00 PM. After that it is to late. The reason for this is because we must start early to finish while there is still sunlight left. I cannot take registeration on Saturday morning and get everyone off on time. I will not subject my family to a phone ringing late into the evening because a player either could not make up their mind until late or because they ran into some difficulty.

I am very sorry, but maybe some of you are seeing the kinds of things I have had to put with. Last, but not least, if you have had problems registering on it is your responsibility, not mine, to get a registeration form and mail me your entry fee before the event. I have one individual that had issues and I let him slide. A year later and the player still has not paid.

Please forgive me if I sound strict, I have been told the PWO is one of the best run tournaments around. This year will not be any different. Pre-register or you will not be getting in.

Doubles will be held Friday starting at 1:00 PM and running until 5:00 PM. If you sign up after 4:00 PM you better know how to play in the dark, because you will be finishing with the sun going down. I will be limiting the fields for the Advanced and Pro divisions to around 60 each, but may be able to juggle it a bit. This is to speed play through the event. Hickory can be hard, but Dogwood can take some time.

Got any questions please call or email. I will be posting more info in the next couple of days. This is very important so keep it in mind. Since I am limiting the fields it may well fill early. See everyone in December.

Jerry Power
[email protected]