Oct 02 2011, 09:21 PM
I will be in town on Nov. 11 thru 15 and was wondering which courses you guys would recommend and also if there are any minis happening during this weekend. I am only going to have time to play one or two rounds so if there is a place with two courses or a "Must Play" course let me know. Thanks.

Oct 06 2011, 01:04 AM
The local vernacular would be "league", but many places call them minis. Same difference.

Rosedale Down Under Saturday, about noon or 1230...Possibly Prairie Center Saturday Morning. Pleasant Hill noon Sunday. Glow at Water Works Thursday at 6pm, and Prairie Center Monday at 6pm.

Get onto for the best info. Get into the forums, post, and the responses will be more authoritative than I can be now.

Where to play? Yes. If you have time for the monster, Blue Valley, it's always first call in my book. There is a short form in the ground now, although it's probably not well publicized yet. Water Works is on many top player's favorite lists...Cliff Drive pays homage to every course in town with open long, short technical, and mid-length open and wooded holes. Rosedale Top is the busiest in town, Down Under arguably the most-loved totally wooded course anywhere. Swope is the grand dame of them all, having hosted 3 Worlds, countless KC Wide Open finals, and thousands of rounds a year itself. WYCO is a long-arm's wet dream. Young is a challenge for anyone. There's a new complex of 3 courses north of the city at Smithville Lake.

Basically, whatever part of town you're in, you'll be near a course that will make you drool. Leagues will be more limited, but glow at Water Works is something everyone should experience at some point.

Get on the club board, that's where the talk is. You'll find maps, lists, and plenty of people willing to give their thoughts.

Have fun...and, really, Arthur Bryant's is the one place to really experience KC barbecue. The original one, on Brooklyn, is where you have to go. It's not far from Cliff Drive or Blue Valley.