Aug 18 2011, 11:38 AM
This is a ONE-DAY tournament! Two rounds of ace-chase golf, with mini games and Ring of Fire prior to payout!

For only $25, players will receive TWO Discraft prototype discs (the ONLY discs used in the race), a SuperColor mini, sticker, and disc bag!
Preview the prototypes here:

PRE-REG DEADLINE - Sept. 5!! As of now, we will NOT be purchasing extra players packs for this event, so PLEASE pre-register if you plan to attend. The online registration link is below, and we will be taking registration at ALL minis until September 5th!

Each round consists of 18 holes with distances no longer than 250 feet. All players compete together to see how many aces/metal hits you can achieve during the two rounds. Only one throw per hole, and the most aces/metal hits wins!

Preregistration is available here - (There is a $4 fee for registering online!)

We will also be holding pre-registration at all Norman minis! Simply bring your $25 and we will sign you up!

Date: September 24, 2011
Location: NE Lions Park, Norman
Check-In: 9:00-9:45
Start Time: 10 AM
Format: 2 rounds of 18
The event WILL conclude before the OU/MIZZOU 7:00pm kickoff!! :D


Marie Landry @ [email protected]

Kate Schwartz @ [email protected]

Aug 22 2011, 08:53 AM
COOL! Haven't ace raced in a while.

Sep 29 2011, 09:13 AM
Who won the Ace Race? Was the disc any good?

Oct 04 2011, 11:44 AM
Ace Race Results:

Clint "Gunner" McClellan shocked no one, winning the Ace Race with a single ace and four metal hits. While the Discraft event only provided a grand prize for the winner of the event (a tournament-size bag and 8 discs), Sooner Disc Golf awarded trophies for 1st through 3rd, and prize packages (plastic, t-shirts, etc.) to 2nd through 10th!

SDG also gave away a lot of plastic and t-shirts during the Ring of Fire. Disc golf prodigy Kadin Keenom displayed some serious puttin' skills during the RoF, winning multiple rounds, including the grand prize finale.

The 40-spot event was completely full. Event organizer Kate Schwartz even had to turn a few folks away, much to her chagrin. The special Discraft Ace Race players packs had to be ordered and paid for well in advance of the event, so pre-registration was a necessity. Although Kate purchased a few extra "just in case" players packs, they were snatched up before the day of the event.

Speaking of the players packs - Wow! That's what we thought when we opened up the Discraft boxes. The packs included two prototype discs, a large supercolor mini, a sticker, and a surprisingly high-quality "weekender" disc golf bag that easily holds 6 discs and a putter, and has a drink pouch, zippered enclosure, and a shoulder strap. Although the reviews for the prototype discs were mixed, everyone seemed to agree that $25 for event entry + players pack represented a remarkable value.

My thoughts on the prototype discs, FWIW:
The prototypes were heavy (178g-184g, although some packs including one lighter 173g-176g mold), large diameter discs that felt like a putter trying to break into the mid-range Roc or Buzzz category. Flight characteristics were similar to a Buzzz or, more precisely, a Mako, in that they seemed to hold any line. It was just stable enough to hold a gentle hyzer line, and a neutral flight generally meant that it would hold straight or anhyzer lines with very little end-of-flight low speed fade. Unlike the Buzzz or Mako, however, the prototypes did not seem to have much glide, so their range was limited. Will it find a place in my bag? Maybe. I might reach for the Discraft prototype instead of a Mako or Buzzz in midrange situations where their is a big penalty for gliding past the pin. The prototypes also performed well as putters, as evidenced during the chain-smashing Ring of Fire mini-event.

Anyway, we received a lot of very positive feedback from event participants - so we plan to make next year's Ace Race bigger and better. :D

Bierman, #38406