Aug 06 2011, 06:33 PM
Looking for 1st day results also the Saturday round(s):) Wondering if the weather has been good and looking for good weather on Sunday? Any stories about Tee#7? I look forward to next year's BO'12:)

Aug 06 2011, 07:25 PM

Aug 08 2011, 08:23 AM
It was fun to follow the Dutch team at the Belgian Open and oa.
--news of the ace's,
---how they will turn in 8% of their winnings to go to establish a flying disc 'honk'...etc.etc...:)....,
----Laurens and Martin in the final together ( again?) ,
Derek's 2nd place surprise ( As I was a baseball game and was 'tuned' in to the BO'11, and the autographed British Open 29th t-shirt **went to the honkballer who recently passed a milestone and hope to see play a lot more DG:);
----some names on the final results to see 'toch' at: and for some reason, this site opens instead (12:40 p.m 8 aug'11) to this: to look to see that some players were conspicuous in their absence?

how did the weather held? as a virtual galley guy, instead of being at the doubles near Namur, I saw the Quick-Amersfoort softball team was victorious at the Utrecht field ;

Saturday ( see anecdote**) saw UVV pre-game baseball/honkbal preparations routine using a bit more that 45 minutes;

...then biked over to see the University Wombats almost toppled the Domstad Dodgers on their own field, together with another PDGA player, Heidi, also in the 'virtual gallery' on tour and will return to Texas, with a year's experience and surely be a player to 'seed' at next year's BO'11

and Sunday, and instead seeing Rens and Bert find their way in the Open finals! proficiaat! I saw the Kinheim-UVV 'Rookie League' teams and together with a Dutch Major League Umpire, also in the 'VG' and the Ruud and his, where a lot of good idea's can go to flying disc(s), too!

the winners, thus, are all the people who had a good time at the Belgian Open, both, at the course, hotel, the transport, the 'kaddies' ( with a K!) and wherever people who were thinking with the players, the officials who were not at the event but in their hearts:)

in the (virtual) gallery
so 'that's how the Monday morning/afternoon is', ... here in Leidsche Rijn :)

p.s. have to include this foto and Marco's Dad's find in the barbeque at Jambes/Namur at an earlier Belgian Open:)