Jun 27 2011, 08:45 AM
The Summer issue of DiscGolfer is in the mail and we are looking for pictures from all across the tournament spectrum for the pages of our magazine. If you have a great picture from a C - Tier event it is more likely to make the cut than a posed picture of one of the NT champions. So lets see some new faces!

Try to put yourself in the perfect position to get a nicely lighted face showing the concentration or emotion of the moment. A target or disc in the foreground is preferred. Watch the background and avoid the clutter of dumpsters, parking lots, playgrounds etc. A pdf with suggestions for getting the best images is available.

We absolutely need photographers at the Amateur Worlds in Rochester NY. If you are able to help out DiscGolfer please contact us so we can make plans. Photographers at Santa Cruz Pro Worlds are needed as well.

If you have submissions please contact me before sending lots of pictures. We need to make sure that all pictures are labeled so that the credits are accurate and have a FTP site that is much better for sending pictures than a series of emails. We need full size originals and those can max out email size very quickly.

Thanks for helping create the best DiscGolfer magazine possible.

If we can be of any help at all please contact

John Whinery Photo Editor ([email protected])