May 11 2011, 04:50 PM
I wanted to let you know I have decided to use this tournament to decide who will get our Oklahoma USDGC spot. I plan on using the method where the winner is decided based on how they play against their rating. Since this is the "State Championship" it seemed appropriate to pick this event to crown our delegate. We will only consider your disc golf rounds and not the field events.

This is how the actual USDGC champion will be determined in October. Once the tournament is complete I will send the scores to Jonathan Poole and they will run them through the model and notify me of the winner, runner up etc. If the winner cannot attend the spot will be offered to the next person and so forth until we find someone who can commit to going.

The only criteria is that you are a current PDGA member with a rating of at least 850.

The following comments have been copied and pasted from emails I received from Jonathan Poole and Harold Duvall:

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For the first time, the USDGC will use a performance-based system to determine the United States Champion. This style of play provides all players with a PDGA rating of 850 and above with an opportunity to compete fairly with one another. Quite simply, this format rewards those who play the best relative to their own skill level.

We are encouraging PDGA State Coordinators to choose an event in their state that will determine the USDGC Rep. Ideally the event you select will boast a large field with many different divisions. The bigger the better. Each 850+ rated player whose division plays the same course, pin and tee placements, and rotation, is eligible to earn the privilege to represent your state.

State qualifiers are not required to use this new format. If you do, the USDGC will make it as simple as possible to implement the performance aspect in an existing event. Once the event is over, your results will run through our performance-based calculations to determine which player receives the State Rep invitation. Should the winning player be unable to attend, you may invite the next highest finisher until a selection is made.

We just used Performance Scoring to determine the Maryland state rep and it was very well received. People thought that this was a fair way to select someone, especially since it's the format we will use in October. The MD winner was so excited to make it into the USDGC he was in tears. He called me to say how much it meant to him and he couldn't even get it out. He was that choked up. That is what the 2011 USDGC is about, right there. I am confident you will discover similar emotion.
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I hope you are excited to have a chance to attend this great tournament. I have attended as a spectator for the last three years and I can tell you it is a great trip, beautiful part of the country with a lot of courses, and probably the best ran event you will attend.

I will post more as needed but that is it for now..

PS.. Check out the Tulsa thread for more information concerning this tournament.

May 30 2011, 11:42 AM
36th Annual Oklahoma Flying Disc State Championships
June 18-19, 2011

PDGA Sanctioned B-Tier Event

SIX field events (distance, accuracy, putting, MTA, DDC, Freestyle)
3 rounds of 18 holes at Haikey Creek park



Ring of Fire on Sunday (dont miss this)

Raffle benefitting Joplin Disc Golf Relief Fund (Donations welcome)

All Pro Divisions $ 44.00
All Advanced Divisions $ 39.00
All Intermediate Divisions $ 34.00
All Recreational Divisions $ 29.00
All Junior Divisions $ 19.00

Saturday Morning Sign-ups add $ 5.00
Non-PDGA Member add $ 10.00 (except juniors)
All Ladies deduct $ 5.00

Ace Pot $ 3.00
Closest To Pin $ 3.00


Distance $ 5.00
Accuracy $ 5.00
Putting $ 5.00
Maximum Time Aloft (MTA) $ 5.00
Double Disc Court (DDC) $ 10.00 per team
Freestyle $ 10.00 per team

$10 merchandise voucher for participating in all events
$5 merchandise voucher for early online sign-up at

(online sign-ups are available now)

**********Saturday Schedule**********
Sign-ups until 8:45am
Rules Meeting 9:00 am
Tee Off 9:30 am

e-mail : [email protected]

Tournament Director : Bill ‘slim’ Moyers (918)852-6543