May 09 2011, 12:35 PM
Next up for the CVDGA is our 3rd Annual Menage A Trois.

June 11 & 12th (signup deadline is June 5th)

This is a 3 person team event with 2 divisions offered. You will play singles, doubles, triples, and who knows what other formats the TD will come up with this year.

(use PDGA ratings to base your team please)
Advanced Division:
1 pro
1 Adv
1 int

Intermediate Division:
1 Adv
1 Int
1 Rec.
(both divisions are competeing for their own revolving trophy, plus individual medals for 1st and 2nd plac)

Cost is $99 per team ($33 a person, but you must sign up as a full team)
(no replacment players are aloud if one of your teammates is unable to finish)

Player Packs to all who signup by the preregistration deadline.(JUNE 5th)

If you have never experienced Team Disc Golf...this is a must make tourney!

FMI: www.conchovalleydiscgolf.org (discussion board under the tourney section)
or contact the TD at [email protected] (Justin Cartwright)

May 17 2011, 10:57 AM
I just wanted to add that online signups are available. The link is..


Deadline to sign up and recieve a players pack is June 5th at 11:59 pm. Teams may still register after the deadline is up till the players meeting on June 11th.