Mar 07 2011, 08:30 PM
Hello SDGers! We will be holding elections for our Board of Directors and Officer positions on our next meeting date, Thursday, April 7, 2011. Re-ups started in January, so if you would like to vote but are not a current member, feel free to sign up any time between now and April 7. (To sign up, contact Marie @ 405-365-8038 to pay your $25 membership fee and receive your disc, mini, and hat, shirt, or golf towel!)
Below is posted the description of each position available and the nominees (so far) for those positions. If you are a current member, feel free to add a nomination of your own by posting it as a comment to this thread or by emailing it to [email protected], and please attend the April 7 meeting to vote!!

Operations Director - Manages the club's financial operations and bookkeeping. This includes receiving funds generated by fundraising, minis, tournaments, and disc sales and depositing those funds in the bank. This also includes disbursing money for winnings/ace pots at minis or tournaments, reimbursing expenses to club members (so long as expenses were approved prior to purchase and are accompanied by receipts), and giving donations to other organizations, clubs, and tournaments. All financial decisions and transactions or questions regarding the club's finances (including monetary payouts) must ultimately be filtered through this person, with the agreement of the Board.

Current Nominee(s): Marie Landry

Activities Director - Manages the public face of activities. This includes posting fliers for events, being the figurehead at major events (tournaments, fundraisers), assisting as liaison with the Norman Parks Dept. as needed, and ensuring that event schedules are adhered to. This also includes the disbursement of promotional materials at the courses, assisting in fundraising efforts as needed, and ensuring that non-monetary payouts at major events are satisfactory to all involved. All changes in the promotion of the club or changes to event schedules or questions regarding non-monetary payout, must ultimately be filtered through this person, with the agreement of the Board as the situation allows.

Current Nominee(s): Jason Bieda

Course Maintenance Director - Manages the Norman courses. This includes regular maintenance of the courses, enacting any changes to the course layouts, acting as liaison with the Norman Parks Dept., as well as the organization and implementation of community service projects and Work Days and ensuring that the work crew receives the recognition and gift packs they have earned. All course alterations, improvements and uses must ultimately be filtered through this person, with the agreement of the Board.

Current Nominee(s): Steve King

Fundraising Director - Manages SDG's fundraising efforts in the community. This includes obtaining sponsorship funds for tournaments and club projects, ensuring that all who donate receive their approved compensation package as well as the recognition they have earned at tournaments and during other projects. All fundraising efforts, including new fundraising projects and any donations made, must ultimately be filtered through this person, with the agreement of the Board.

Current Nominee(s): Kate Schwartz

Youth Group Director - Manages the promotion, membership, and public face of the SDG Youth Group. This includes promoting the Youth Group through fundraising activities, membership drives, and arranging travel and transportation for any NT Events the Youth Group attends. This also includes assisting as co-liaison at the local schools for the EDGE program. All decisions regarding the Youth Group, including events for or by the Youth Group, as well as membership or any questions regarding the Youth Group, must ultimately be filtered through this person, with the agreement of the Board.

Current Nominee(s): Roxy Engel

Sergeant at Arms - Maintains order and upholds peace at meetings and events.

Current Nominee(s): Kyle Anderson, Daniel Landry

Communications Officer - Maintains online club activity communications on the SDG Facebook page, the SDG website (when it becomes available), and on the PDGA Discussion Boards.

Current Nominee(s): Kim Frederick, Billy Engel

Secretary - Takes meeting minutes and assists with the paper-based administration of events, as well as assisting in the maintenance of membership files and the storage of past-event documentation.

Current Nominee(s): Teresa O'Neal

Since we have adopted the Board of Directors, the positions of President, Vice-President, and Treasurer have been discarded for the time being.

Again, if you are a current member, please come to the April 7 meeting to submit your vote!

See you there!

Mar 07 2011, 08:38 PM
We are also attempting to become as transparent as possible and have begun this by advertising our club fundraising goals for the year, which are as follows:

• To fund the Sooner Disc Golf Youth Group and help them attend such events as the USDGC (National Championships) and Am Worlds Championships through coaching and financial sponsorship.

• To establish the Red Course at Griffin as a permanent course with concrete tee pads and clearly identifiable tee signs.

• To create and install tee signs at each course and get a course map to display on the information board at each course.

• To have the Pro/Am (the longest-running tournament in the state) nominated for A-Tier status, which would bring national media coverage, and some of the best-known players from around the country into Norman to play our courses. If successful, the A-Tier Pro/Am would take place the following year.

• To raise enough money to establish an EDGE program at 2 middle schools and one high school in Norman ($2500 per school – to help combat childhood obesity, help grow the sport and get kids outside playing again!

If you, anyone you know, or your company/employer might like to donate to SDGs fundraising goals, any donations made can be earmarked for whichever goal you hope to help achieve. Contact Kate Schwartz at [email protected] to receive the Standard Sponsorship Package or to discuss other sponsorship possibilities.