Dec 25 2010, 02:10 AM
The PDGA elf has relayed a special holiday message from the North Pole. (
On this Christmas Day only, members who venture out for unsanctioned play may add these Santa Clauses to the rules:

SC 25.1 No foot faults can be called on jump putt attempts in snow more than 6cm deep.
SC 25.2 Snow and ice is declared casual water. So go crazy with as much relief on the LOP as needed with no penalty.
SC 25.3 If there’s any snow cover, there’s no lost disc penalty. Play where your group last saw it. And per SC 25.2, you get free relief as needed anyway.
SC 25.4 If the group sees your disc bury in the snow by the basket, you now have a gimme.
SC 25.5 All wedgies, nub hangers and discs balanced on the rim are still good.
SC 25.6 A DROT counts, especially if it knocks snow off the target in the process of landing.
SC 25.7 If the group sees your disc cut thru the chains or hit the pole and bounce out, your putt is good. No one gets ‘robbed’ on Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas!