Saucer Tosser
Dec 21 2010, 08:42 AM
All clockwise throws go from left to right across the thrower's body. All counterclockwise throws go from right to left across the thrower's body. That means if an obstacle is in the way of your stance and throw on your immediate left, it will hinder all CW throws. An obstacle on your immediate right will hinder all CCW throws. Although I know over 30 ways to throw a disc (including right hand, left hand, right foot, left foot, turbo, knucklebee, 1 finger spin, upside down, right side up, rollers, and many grips for each hand) I find that in disc golf you only need two: a CW and a CCW. Most people try right hand backhand and right hand forehand. Another option is RHBH and LHBH. It is pretty easy to learn LHBH, because it is like batting right handed in baseball. And you know how to throw the back hand right handed so you can teach yourself the left hand BH. Fastest way to learn is cold turkey, lefty drives only. And of course the practice field.

Some unusual grips are useful to get out of trouble. Here's one I call The Wheeler: middle finger on rim, pointer on top, with thumb gripping middle finger from underneath disc. It is similar to RHBH, but disc is above wrist, so more useful than RHBH if you need a high release.

What throws do you use most and why?