Dec 19 2010, 08:35 PM
The Houston Flying Disc Society is running a Sunday Morning Mini weekly format rotating between 7 courses, Mozola, Moffitt, Mason, MacGregor, TC Jester, Tom Bass (Powell) and Tom Bass (Wilmont).

When: Every Sunday Morning
Time: Sign-up at 9:00 am, with players meeting and hole assignments at 9:15 am and start by 9:30 am)

Where: Rotating courses in the central Houston area, go to for the weekly course announcement or become a Houston Flying Disc Society Facebook Fan and receive event invites
Cost: $10 ($5 Payout, $3 Basket Fund, $1 Ace Pot and $1 Mulligan)
Payout: All cash payout on-site immediately following the Mini

1. $10 entry fee, includes Ace Pot and Mulligan. Payout to the top 1/3rd of pros and top 1/2 for ams.
2. Registration 9:00 with shotgun start immediately after registration.
3. Cash Payout
4. Ace Pot carries over from week to week (currently $303)
5. HFDS Divisions apply. Players always have the choice to play up to a higher division. If someone does not have an HFDS rating, they can play according to their PDGA rating if they can present a current PDGA membership card. Otherwise, if someone does not have an HFDS rating nor a PDGA rating, then they may play either the blue (Advanced Amateur) or the the gold (Pro) division.
6. The mini will be played rain or shine unless there is flooding preventing the TD from being able to travel to the course or within the TD's discretion it is unsafe to play, due to, for example, lightning.
7. PDGA Rules apply.
8. Contact Richard F. for more details and for sign-ups, which you can do by sending a personal message to 'bettercounsel' on this bulletin board.

This event is a fund raiser for the HFDS Basket fund. HFDS anticipates the opportunity to improve the quantity of baskets and the quality of the courses including among others, Mozola, Jester and Mason. Attend this mini and improve the quality and quantity of disc golf courses in the Houston area.