Apr 25 2010, 12:20 PM
It's time to have a kick-off mini at Hobbs! Ryan is a local player ready to get things DG related moving along. He just bought many, many discs for sale. He said local play is steadily increasing. So, for the first every Harry McAdams Park Disc Golf Tourney we'll have a day of disc golf on MAY 8th, 2010. ALL TIMES are MOUNTAIN STANDARD. Registration for a doubles round at 9:30, play at 10:00ish. Lunch / Casino break. Then at apx 1:30 register for singles round, play at 2:00ish. For BOTH rounds we'll play the red nine, then the white nine. I'll post fees and other information soon (doubles will be cheap, singles increase for pros a little). Let's help Ryan have a good kick-off.