Mar 29 2010, 10:53 AM
Here's how the rotaion will go:

1st Wednesday Brentwoood Handicapped Singles
2nd Wednesday Picnic Bend Random Doubles
3rd Wednesday Brentwood Random Doubles
4th Wednesday Picnic Bend Handicapped Singles
5th Wednesday Get Ript Wednesdays

All wednesday minis start at 6pm

Weekends will have both Saturday and Sunday minis.

Saturdays will be at South Concho and rotate between Doubles and Handicapped singles.

Teetime: 10am

Sundays will be at the Lake, and will also rotate between Doubles and Handicapped singles.

Teetime: 2pm

Saturday and Sunday minis will be the opposite format. So if we play Saturday doubles, it will be Sunday Singles.

All minis are $5 to play, $3 of that goes to payout, $2 goes to help the club.

There is also an optional $1 Ace Pot. Ace Pots are kept seperate for each course, and their totals are kept as up-to-date as possible on the ACE POT THREAD.

Ash minis are still an option for Saturdays, and will be announced as they get designed and set up. If anyone wants to hold an Ash Mini let a board member know and we'll get the info out. The designer of the Ash Mini is the TD of the day though and is responsible for making sure the baskets get there, or any other things that need to happen to make it happen.