Jan 09 2010, 10:10 AM
Concrete pads on a Houston golf course? Has the world gone crazy?

From Duffyskin:

Hey everyone, hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years!!!

I want to get the word out.... We are going to start running a Saturday morning mini at

Windwood every Saturday except on the days that Birdshot is running their monthly tournaments and the "Ice Bowl fundraiser" on Jan. 23rd.

We are going to run a mini for the sole purpose of raising money for concrete T-boxes. The plan is 10.00 entry fee....1 dollar goes to an ace pot or closest to the pin on #4 if no ace is thrown...4.50 of each entry goes to the winner and 4.50 of each entry goes to the concrete T-box fund.

This course is getting allot of play and we are trying to make it the best it can be. Concrete T-boxes will help keep the boxes in great shape.

For those who've been playing the course a little info here...There are two holes that have improvements planned and already in the works for them.

#13....Will be shortened so the the T-box gets moved up to the big tree on the right and then the trees along the right side of the fairway will be thinned out making a fair shot for the RHBH thrower.

#17...The distance we lose by shortening #13 will be gotten back by extending the #17 T-box. And we are very excited to be putting in a pond on #17. By putting in the pond we will use the dirt to raise the fairway, so all 18 holes will be high and dry....Even after a big week of rain. We will also raise #18's T-box (which seems to be in water after a rain as well.)

After these two holes are improved I think we'll have the dryest 18holes in town...

Please come out and support the mini... All the money is going right back into concrete T-boxes (so the money raised goes right back to Houston Disc Golf) can you lose?

The initial idea is to have 1 division....winner take all (or 1/2 anyways).. It's all for fun and a good cause...
If over the weeks, we get a solid number of participants and definate division seperation then Im open to having 2 divisions Pro and Am...winner takes all in their respective division..

We'll keep a bookeeping post to let everyone know where we stand as far as money raised...

We'll start this Saturday Jan. 9th at 10am and again on the 16th..then take a week off for the Ice Bowl at Moffit and return on the 30th.