Dec 15 2009, 08:39 PM
All right then.. The day has been decided. This Sunday, 12/20/09 @ NQ we will get together for the Sleigh Bell Soiree. Registration is 8:30AM with a players meeting @ 9:15. Tee off @ 10AM. Entry fee will be:

Whatever you can give.

I'll give you an example:

New Driver
New DX or similar
Bumper Sticker

At least that's my entry. And YES it will be wrapped. So if you have a driver you don't want cool, its a gift. If you only have a mini, that's good too. It doesn't have to a disc golf related gift either. Just whatever you have to share. I just want us to get together one last time for 2009 and everyone gets something. Awards will depend on registration and whatever else is donated. There will be CTP prizes(at least 10). If you have more to give great, if not, its not a problem. We all are dealing with some tough times and choices, this is ALL FUN!

So to recap....

Bring a gift
Wrapped (optional)
Doesn't have to be DG related
Have Fun

Any questions????

Please come out.