Nov 11 2009, 01:24 PM
Not a lot of details so far on this other than the date and locatoin. This year's Ice Bowl will again be held at Bright Brewing out in Eola, and will also be held the weekend between the NFL playoffs and the Superbowl. Which means January 30th. Time is still TBD.

Cortese Flag & Silkscreen and Bright Brewing will probably be sponsoring some longsleeve T-shirts for this year's "player pack". Will probably do somewhere between 35-50, I'll get more accurate numbers posted as it gets a little closer.

I plan to go out do some layout changes. Might do the original layout first round and a backwards round the 2nd....not sure exactly what yet, but I want to change it up a little. I promise it will still be stratigically placed so you pass by the doors to get refills on your "beverage of choice" though.

It will still be a 2 disc challenge though...so once you pick your discs no changing after we get started.

This year we will be donating to the Salvation Army. So start spreading the word, this is one fun event!

remember NO WIMPS....NO WHINERS!!!

Jan 02 2010, 01:31 PM
I am ready....See you on the 30th...

Jan 04 2010, 03:04 PM
Glad to hear you are going to make it down Bradley!