Oct 11 2009, 10:51 AM
Does anyone have any distance driving tips? I find myself maxing out at about 300ft.

I am looking to get to that next level in my game. I see people throwing a lot farther than me with even less effort. Any tips?


Oct 11 2009, 03:20 PM
Slow up any run up and concentrate on form. You will see others throwing farther with less effort due to their form is much smoother. i also notice myself getting out of control sometimes when say i come to a 500ft hole and i think if i use the hole pad ill get it there and sometimes i may but i sacrifice accuracy. when i slow my run up and concentrate on arm speed i find i reach 450+ no problem. also make sure disc selection is good. if you have a slower arm speed go for something a little bit understable to make up that distance and get the disc in the air longer. go to a field and throw [email protected]!

Oct 11 2009, 11:48 PM
Hit the field and work on getting good flight from a smooth balanced throw. Don't try to throw far try to throw with good form. Video yourself and compare to videos of top players and fix what is broken. Smooth and balanced.

Oct 12 2009, 10:19 AM
the gateway disc sports page has a lot of information.
field practice will help distance training improve much faster than golf practice.
try hyzerfliping sidewinders and roadrunners for extreme distance.
try throwing putters far then go to mid ranges then fairway drivers and then finnaly sharpedge discs.

Oct 12 2009, 11:18 AM

Oct 12 2009, 01:46 PM
People that have trouble reaching 300+ usually aren't truly throwing *hard.* Although you want smooth form, you also need to build that arm speed up and really pop the disc. I'm sure you've griplocked a disc before. You want the disc to feel like a griplock feels when it pops out of your hand. That isn't to say be out of control, but at the point of release if it feels like a griplock, you've achieved a maximum level of arm speed. Ever noticed that griplocks go far and fast? Its because when most people griplock their arm speed has had that much extra time to build.

I realized this early this spring when I accidentally threw an airshot one time when I was trying to throw a roller - I slipped on a pad and inadvertently threw a 500+ foot air bomb. I asked Avery Jenkins later about that feeling, and he agreed that when you really rip it the pop at the point of release really can feel similar to an air-shot. You realize when you feel that that you haven't truly been throwing as hard as you can. He says he occasionally forgets, himself, just how hard he can throw and goes out to a field and throws HARD to recapture the feeling.


Oct 12 2009, 06:24 PM
Does anyone have any distance driving tips? I find myself maxing out at about 300ft.

I am looking to get to that next level in my game. I see people throwing a lot farther than me with even less effort. Any tips?


look at the distance tips under instructional articles section of at www.discgolfreview.com (http://www.discgolfreview.com)

Also -- grab a driver w/ your grip and then hold out your hand like you are going to shake someone's hand. Now, turn your wrist down (thumbnail lower than base of thumb. Practice throwing line drives with that wrist down hand shake type grip (gets the nose down). Get your weight over your front leg as you release and follow through. don't drop your trailing shoulder lower than your lead shoulder (stay standing straight up or with rear shoulder held high throughout.

for what it is worth those are things that helped me... (I used to throw nose up all the time -- a la air bounce lid throws)

Oct 13 2009, 10:40 AM
Seeing this video helped me understand the benefit of a smooth throw...

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Your goal is to throw the disc with as little wobble like that as possible to get the most distance. A disc without wobble will travel farther with less effort.

Oct 13 2009, 07:06 PM
I'm in the same boat. I've already made the leap from 300 to 400+. Now I'm curious how these elite few throw 500+ air bombs. Is it just twitch muscles?

Oct 13 2009, 07:43 PM
i was helping w/ the distance competition this year @ USDGC and one of the area golfers had calibers and other measuring tools to gather data on our sports biggest bombers... he also got measurements of their throws to compare to. will be cool if he finds correlation between flexibility, hand strength, arm length, etc that he tested/measured.

a lot have heard of the 'gorilla arm' factor that allows some to just be able to throw far within the first month of touching a disc. i've found this correlation to work for most but every now and then there is someone who breaks the mold and doesn't measure up to this... hoping the data might prove/disprove this theory

Oct 14 2009, 01:35 PM
Age, Weight, size, pyhsical fitness level, and build are all factors. Three of the five are things you can control. In other words, if you want to maximize your potential, you should get in shape, lose weight, and build the muscles used for throwing, as well as learn proper technique.

Oct 16 2009, 02:28 PM
I think this is an older article that was published in Disc Golf Magazine back a few years ago and it focused on Avery Jenkins and Jon Drummond (Spelling?)

Anyway, for the max distance with accuracy, use an Anhyzer Flex Shot.

For pure max distance a Hyzer Flip Shot will net you more distance since you get a "Double S" line instead of just an "S" line when throwing the Anhyzer shot.

That being said, with winter time rolling around, I would do several things.

1. go find a field

2. slow your form down. I mean really slow it down. be deliberate in every step, plant, rotation. work on keeping your free arm tight into your body and keeping your disc arm close to your chest, especially on the pull through.

3. practice that foot work over and over and over again. do it in front of a mirror so you can watch yourself and your weight shift.

4. once you feel comfortable with your footwork, put a towel in your hand and snap it like a disc. you want to hear that loud whooshing sound. your arm should start out very slow and deliberate on the pull through with you starting your acceleration after your elbow passes your leading shoulder.

5. start re-working your footwork again, but this time, stay light on your feet and off your heels. you should be on the balls and toes of your feet.

if you still aren't satisfied with that, then here are a few good pointers for you:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nED7gcXobEo - Right Pec Drill and working from the Hit Backwards.

**EDIT: Found it! http://youtube.com/watch?v=DIxTFpPi698#t=6m24s**
I cant find it, but somewhere, maybe on discgolfreview, there is a link of Avery jenkins talking about pulling the disc thorough at a higher line which helps to bring the back and trap muscles into the equation = more power.

hope this helps, i helped get me out to 500 - 550 feet.