Sep 25 2009, 02:50 AM
At the end of my putting practice I have started to take 10 putts from just at the edge of my comfort zone. I plan to keep track of makes and track my percentages from different distances. I will stay at the same distance until I have taken a minimum of 100 putts. I have never looked at my putting in this way, should be interesting. Anybody else ever do anything. like this?

Sep 25 2009, 11:43 AM
i painted 10 lines 10ft 3in apart in front of my shop.
put my basket at one end.
started putting at the 100plus mark ten putts then recorded the makes.
walked to each miss and putted in.
then did the same from each of the marks, recording the makes.
what this gave me is a percentage easily calculated.
the comeback puts after missing have definately shaved strokes during play.
i did this each day for 21 days.
i finally learned when i could save strokes by laying up instead of running the long ones.
i learned to get the putters to the basket without flying 40 past, most players can hit a ten ft circle easily, as i found i could.
this routine did a lot of damage to my practice putters as the lines were painted on asphault