Sep 19 2009, 06:00 PM
<H3>*Four States Open time again! Next Saturday, Sept. 26th. Joplin, MO*</H3>

Things you need to know that are not on the flyer:

- Lunch is only $2, provided by Schlotsky's Deli.
- There will be a nice little after party at 4th st. Bowl in Joplin. Free food. Cheap Coors. You can bowl, play pool, or just hang out and enjoy the sweet reserved bar area.
- Introducing new tee pads on our 3rd 9. No more twisted ankles on rocks! These actually haven't been poured yet, but weather permitting, they will be finished early this coming week.
- We will still have the extra 9 holes in front on the park, but as always, they are temporary. so no new teepads out there.
- we'll have a little bit of added cash for the Open division as well. we're not quite sure how much yet, as sponsors are still jumping in at the last minute. right now its a couple hundred.
- Advanced winner will be looking at a very nice prize. i can't say for sure yet, because its not set in stone, but just show up win. you'll be happy.
- Players packs will include a premium plastic disc and shirt.

I also want to say thanks for continuing to make this a stellar event. we will be making improvements to the course every year, including new baskets eventually . i don't know what the time table will look like but we're trying really hard to make this a great course and an even better tournament year after year... and its because we get so many great comments and return visitors every year. if not for everyone's support, the city would not be very eager to help us out, so pat yourselves on the back!

Come on out! I promise you a good time! :)

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