Sep 11 2009, 11:02 AM

OK with all this talk about putting and practice routines, I've just got another question. Does Anybody successfully find results in thier jump putts. I never really use the jump putt because I try to make sure my upshots are good enough that I would't have to. But I am not perfect and have found myself in situations where a jump putt may be neccessary. But I can't say I've ever had one go in. So are you making your jump putts? Are you at least 50% sure your going to make it when faced with having to make a jump putt? And Are there any techniques that may help me improve my jump putts? I know I said I had "A" question but 3 is more accurate. Sorry

Sep 11 2009, 05:28 PM
You might consider the "walkup" putt as well. Instead of taking a static stance, then putt as you jump, you walk, as briskly as you are comfortable with, up to the mark, then putt, following through with your walk as you are putting.

Sep 11 2009, 05:33 PM
In my opinion, it doesn't matter how your disc gets there, the basic rules still applies:

The further the basket is from you, the less likely your putt will go in.

There are two obvious benefits to jump putting for me, and they relate to each other. First, I can putt from a further distance. Second, becuase I'm putting from a further distance, I'm less likely to have a bad shot result in another long putt.

If I were at 80 feet out and couldn't jump putt I'd be performing a throw. Although I probably won't have any problems landing inside the circle, the chances of my throw skipping away or hitting a branch are higher than if I loft a putt at the basket from the same distance.

To answer your most basic question, no, my jump putts do not always go in, they aren't even at 50%. My round scores have improved though.

Sep 12 2009, 12:09 AM
Well Those are both very good points of view. and I appreciate the advice. Not sure I will put either one into practice this weekend but I will keep working on it. Thanks

Sep 19 2009, 06:29 AM
I totally agree with the previous poster. I'm not terribly good at disc golf and my jump putts usually don't go in. But they have improved my scores quite a bit and it's most because of the increased number of come-back putts I make. At 60',80',100' unless you're a top pro, you're probably going to miss almost all the time anytime. But if your next shot is a drop in instead of a putt it really cuts a lot of strokes off.

Sep 28 2009, 06:50 PM
I think before you even begin to consider tinkering with a jump putt you need to work on consistency w/in the circle. Practice your 15-25 footers so that you are hitting at least 80% of these. Once your confidence builds you will be amazed at how quickly you putting improves. If you find you are missing to frequently during your practices move 3-5 feet closer and build confidence MAKING putts - not missing.

Jump putts will allow you to putt outside the circle with similar power as you would inside the circle. I personally just integrated a jump putt this year - I've been playing since 2000. I worked in the Cascade Mountains all summer and putted over 10,000 putts over the summer. With the confidence built I found jump putts to be a way to continue that confidence outside the circle as well.

Oct 01 2009, 05:38 PM
I use a hyzer pitch putt. You get the distance, you get the float, plus by pitching it, you are approaching the basket at a downward angle. by applying some hyzer to the putt you also help to control the distance past the basket since it wants to move towards the ground quicker, and it helps to eliminate that accidental anhyzer angle from trying to get that little extra on the putt.

I make atleast 1 out of every 5 or 6 jump putts from 40 - 60 feet. Not Dave Feldberg like numbers, but enough to shave the occasional stroke and not lose a stroke by getting outside my safe zone (20 feet)

Oct 05 2009, 02:09 PM
For some reason I have more confidence in my long jump putts than my 30 footers.

Every round I seem to drain at least two or three putts from 60 feet out or further. I never practice them and I have no idea how I learned how to do it.

Sometimes I jump putt from a straddle and sometimes I jump putt from a "standard" stance. As a right hander, I just think to myself to aim about 6 inches above the basket and about a foot to the left with some anhyzer on release...they usually go in.

Oct 16 2009, 02:31 PM
had a very rough round the other day where i kept hitting my chest on my pull though during drives, and well, i was ****** off to say the least.

needless to say, with all my shots coming up 70 feet short, i hit 5 nice jumpers with most of my others hitting metal, all because i just walked up, planted my feet and went for it. no real lining up or checking my line. just ready, fire, aim as they say.

guess im going to stop involving my thought process into these and let the instincts take over.

Oct 23 2009, 12:27 PM
I make a lot of jump putts from 10 - 15m. In fact I'd say I'm more accurate from 10.1m than I am from 9.9m.

Nov 03 2009, 01:38 PM
I make a lot of jump putts from 10 - 15m. In fact I'd say I'm more accurate from 10.1m than I am from 9.9m.
A LOT of jump putters can say this.

Nov 05 2009, 08:27 PM
I find if I don't think about the putt they go in way more often then if i put thought into it. As far as jump putts go a smooth motion with the same form as you where doing a regluar putt and keep your eye on your mark. Nice smooth transition from back to front and all the way through. Don't get fancy with it. Keep yourself square to the target and follow thru. And most important put through it not to it.
This is me making a Jump putt at the Vibram Open this year http://primediscs.com/
scroll down to bottom of the page and watch the putts that didn't make the cut @ 0:38 putt on hole 2