Jul 07 2009, 02:21 AM
...just wondering what people do to make their practice fun. I've been introduced to a couple of variations of upshot 21, with both being played on a regulation size soccer field.

The first is played with a basket set in the middle circle. Players take turns picking spots between 100 and 300 feet, and throwing a set amount of discs. The player may also call out landing in the circle or into a certain half of the circle. Points may vary, but here we have played: made upshot-5, chain-4, cage or top-3, pole-2, and a made putt after the upshot-1.

The second is played going across the field from goal to goal. Again, throwing a set amount of discs, players try to make their shots into the goal at the opposite end. Point values are: 1- in 18 yd box, 2- in 6 yd box, and 3- goal. No points for anything outside the 18 yd box, and -1 for shots not made over the half field line.

Both of these are fun games and great for practice. So what does everybody else do to make their field work and upshot practice more fun?

Jul 07 2009, 03:41 PM
Bocce disc is a fun game for upshot practice. You might find the rules if you do a search on here. When possibleduring warm-ups, I just throw toward trees near the course from different positions so I can practice judgment of distances in the field.