May 27 2009, 05:19 PM
The residents and visitors of Houston, Harris County, Texas desire improvements and expansions to existing disc golf courses in the Houston area like the Jim Mozola Memorial Disc Golf Course, Agnes Moffitt Disc Golf Course and the MacGregor Park Course and also for installation of new quality courses to be installed in existing parks like Memorial Park and Hermann Park. Disc golf offers a high benefit-to-cost ratio both for recreation departments and citizens of all ages and backgrounds, and we ask the local government and parks and recreation officials in Houston and Harris County to increase the quality and quantity of disc golf courses on public park land.

Richard Fason has created an on-line petition for more and better disc golf in Houston. I ask that everyone that sees this post sign the petition and also take steps to promote the petition to everyone that you can.


Also, see attached a written version of the petition. I ask that people print out copies and have your friends and family members sign as well as take it to the courses and get players at the courses to sign. You may mail completed copies of the petitions to Richard Fason, 1302 Waugh PMB 113, Houston, Texas 77019. Once we have a significant number of written and on-line petition signatures, city council and county commissioners court and other local officials will be requested to support the effort for more and better disc golf courses in Houston.