May 06 2009, 01:46 PM
If anyone is interested I have 2009 USDGC Champ Rocs for sale. I bought quite a few and am keeping just a couple for my wall. No need to go through EBAY, pay $40+ and pay shipping.

I have several for $30-$35 each! Some more rare than others and cost on these was $25 each but I also had to buy a partner's pack for $100 just for the right to purchase them. Thats's the only reason for the slight mark up. These are all sold out and the only place to get them is through a partner or ebay. I fyou need to see the various stamps and colors, just go to ebay and look around, there are about 80 up there now.

If you're interested, let me know, the sooner you do, the better selection of stamps and colors you will have to choose from. I have all 5 stamps available. None of these are factory seconds, all are bag sealed, numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity and that gets you in for the monthly give aways and a chance for a spot to play in the 2009 USDGC in Rock Hill! No qualifying needed, just get your name drawn.

You can email me at [email protected] ([email protected]) or call me at 918-232-8562 and if you're from out of state you can call my office at 888-781-1160 toll free.
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