Apr 16 2009, 11:26 AM
Jeanne decided last night on the date for the 6th Annual West Texas Doubles Tourney.

Sept. 19th & 20th will be the weekend.

We'll again have all divisions available including last year's newest division Mixed Doubles.

More info on this later....but for now mark your calendars, this is one fun event.

Jul 21 2009, 11:51 AM
Just to let anyone know that might be wondering, the mixed doubles divsion is going to make again this year. We've already gotten word that there will be at least 3 teams, probably more. Last year we had 8 mixed teams.

Other divisions will be:

I'll post more info at the first of next month. After I have time to sit down with the TD and get all the particulars. I can tell you this....there will be something new about this year's W.T. Doubles.

Jul 22 2009, 11:11 AM
Got a little more info last night on the doubles figured out.

September 19th & 20th

Player packs to first 25 teams

Pro: $60
Adv. $50
Int. $40
Novice $30
Mixed $40

Signups at Picnic Bend Park
Day of signups 8-8:45
Players meeting 9:15
Teeoff 10am
(reason for 45 minutes between p. meeting and tee time is the field will split Saturday, half will go to Brentwood, half will stay at Picnic Bend)

2 rounds Saturday
Brentwood will play 9 worst, 9 best
Picnic Bend will play 9 best score, 9 alternate

1 round of 24 Sunday
6 worst, 6 best, 6 alternate, 6 best score.

FMI: Jeanne Moore
[email protected]


Aug 11 2009, 09:36 AM
Well we have just installed the sleeves and teeboxes for our 2nd 18 hole course in San Angelo(3rd if you count ASU's pitch and putt).....and the W.T. Doulbes will feature this course for the Sunday round. We'll add 6 more temp holes to the course to make it 24 holes.

The parks name is South Concho.

The baskets should be going in this week!

Sep 18 2009, 11:46 AM
The West Texas Doubles is this weekend(sept 19-20). If you're in the area and looking for a fun tourney.... This IS the ONE!!!

Plus you get to play all but 1 course in San Angelo during it.

Sep 21 2009, 11:23 AM
What a turnout for this year's West Texas Doubles. Can you say RECORD!!!! And not just by a little....by a HUGE JUMP in attendace this year. What a great thing to see. I didn't play in the first doubles tourney, but I think I have been involved in everyone since, and to see the jump in turn out of the last 2-3 years is just amazing. We went from around 30 just a couple of years ago, to 54 last year....to 73 this year!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right 73(we had one guy who we let pay double and play double cause he didn't have a partner and drove all the way from Ft. Worth) at a non-sanctioned Doubles tourney....That is HUGE, and less than 20 short of the Crush. Could this event pass up the Crush next year??? Or I guess the flipside of that could be that San Angelo is doing things right in the Disc Golf World...and the Crush is going to see a big jumps as well. Either way, it was amazing to see all the players covering 3 courses all over town.

Huge thanks to Jeanne for TDing this event, to Heather for spending her weekend out there to help out, and to all the people that helped get the courses in shape and looking really good for the weekend. Also thank to all the out-of-towners that made the trip in to help support the CVDGA and the West Texas Doubles. I heard people came from as far south as Houston, and as far north as Lubbock....as far east as Dallas, and west Fort Stockton....We drew from all over the state!! Thanks for the support guys and gals!!!!!

I personally had a great time this weekend in the mixed division. As well as hanging out between rounds. We had 8 teams in the mixed this year, in which I got to play with all but one, and that was only Alan...so I didn't miss much just kidding of course...it's always a fun round with ALan on the card. From the sound of it...this event might just be fixing to spur on a bi-monthly Womens Mini in San Angelo. No cost to play or payout to start...just good times for the ladies to hopefully help the womens side of things grow in the CVDGA and San Angelo.

I've also got several lost and found discs here at the shop that were found throughout the weekend. I'll be calling/emailing, and posting on the "lost and found' section under "lost discs at Cortese" so be sure to check there for your name. They can be picked up here at the shop with no 'retrieval fee' asked for by the retrievers. So big Thanks to those that returned them instead of selling, marking off names, or just keeping them to throw back in...you're working on some good karma!!!

I'll get the scores posted a little later on for everyone.

Sep 21 2009, 11:56 AM
Great to see such a nice turnout!! This is one of the only 2 day doubles events around and its nice that folks outside of our region are showing interest. Sanctioned event next year perhaps?

Sep 21 2009, 05:30 PM
At this point there is no sanctioning talk....Jeanne actually did pitch it in her closing statments yesterday, and got a pretty good "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" from the crowd. So I think people enjoy being more relaxed during doubles and/or getting to drink during the event.

For now we will just try and grow it as far as player packs, CTPs, sponsors, and that type of stuff.

Things are already happening because of this event and the mixed doubles division. Jeanne is going to try and get a womens only mini started later this month. Going to be 2 minis a month, no cost to play, and 9 holes. Hopefully this will spur on more women to get involved in DG in West Texas. GO JEANNE!!!!