Apr 09 2009, 10:30 AM
The Heardimore Experience

2 rounds of 18, one regular round, one tweaked round. Could be some of the Epic 11.

May 30th
Adv $30
Int. $25
Nov. $20

ace pot $5

There will be T-shirts to the first 25 players to signup.(day of signups only)

TD- Jr Floyd

For those that don't know what the Heardimore is, it's a Birthday Tourney for 2 of the long time San Angelo DGers, Radny Heard and Cody "juice" Larimore. The tourney is a very low key, but high fun event that is a card based tourney...but dates back before the Innova Ript came out. You get 20 cards to start the day, those cards last you both rounds....or you can blow them all in the first round. It's up to you! The idea of the "experience" is the screw your buddies as much as possible. The person who gets the most cards at the end of the day wins the trophy....the people with the best score of the day wins the payout. Easy enough right?

If things go as good as last year, hopefully Bright Brewing will donate a keg to be enjoyed before, during, and after the Experience.

Spread the word, this one is one is a blast to play!!!

May 22 2009, 03:09 PM
A little bit of an update on this. It's now a 2 rounds of 21, with the second round being a new and shorter backwards layout.

We'll be doing 25 cards this year instead of 20.

And Bright Brewing is on board to donate a keg for the event. So bring your mug! We'll probably put the keg on hole 5 so you pass by it 3 times during the rounds.

Heardimore Experience is next Saturday, May 30th!

May 29 2009, 10:43 AM
Well the Heardimore Experience weekend is here.

Can't wait for this event....I'll be heading to Eola to pick up the keg at around 4ish today, which means a few samples while I am out there.