Jan 27 2009, 04:58 PM
The 2009 Gordon Holton Report

Columbus Point Series �09

#1- March Madness- PDGA B-Tier- Hoover Reservoir
March 28th

#2- Riverside Drive- PDGA B-Tier �Griggs Reservoir
April 18th-19th Sat-Ams, Sun-Pros

#3- Lobdell Open- PDGA C-Tier- Lobdell Reserve
May 2nd

#4- Discraft Westside Challenge- PDGA C-Tier
June 20th Hoover/Westside

#5- Marysville?-PDGA- C-Tier *
August 15th Marysville
* Tentative venue/ date

#6- King of the Courses-PDGA C-Tier
September 12th Courses TBA

Other events hosted by the Columbus Flyers DGC/columbusdiscgolf.com

July 9th - PDGA Professional Clinic- 6pm-8pm
Hoover Reservoir Westside lower lot
Free/ enter to win portable basket

July 11/12th �Brent Hambrick Memorial Open
PDGA �A-Tier � Amateur and NT- Pro- Hoover Reservoir

November ? - Halloween Glow tournament *
* Tentative date Griggs Reservoir

November ?- Ohio State Doubles Championship*- PDGA C-Tier
* Tentative date venue TBA

January 16, 2010- 19th Annual Columbus Ice Bowl-PDGA C-Tier- Hoover